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Lisa has traveled the world with high-profile performers, supporting them with their demanding schedules. Her specialities in nutritional coaching and consulting, alternative bodywork and guided meditation aid them to function at peak performance. Thirty-four years of this experience is what she offers her private clients today. Achieving your ultimate balance in health is her mission.

Hi Lisa, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Please tell us specifically about the work you do with clients here in Southern Oregon.

I start with an in-depth investigation into each client’s individual health goals. Guided meditation has been useful in revealing a map of what commitment is necessary. This inevitably leads to  successful and transformational outcomes.

Lisa, please talk about the types of transformations your clients experience.

We pinpoint what needs to be changed and develop a plan to shift their health, while bringing them more energy and vitality.

Lisa, what specific factors do you see that cause people to try, but not succeed, with their own efforts to get healthier?

Sorting through all the science can be tough. There is a lot of misinformation. Many foods set the body up for cravings, fatigue and many other symptoms. People think it is a matter of will power, but once you are eating the correct foods you won’t have cravings in the same way, so it is easier to stay the course. If you are staying clear about what you want and why you want it, you can affect real change. The effects can transform and empower you toward ultimate health.

Lisa, how do you guide your clients to know what their truth is?

Through guided meditation you clear the chatter in your mind and only then can you find your truth and your clarity. I believe there is an inner strength that is unleashed with this work, becoming the touchstone, as you keep moving toward your goals.

Lisa, please talk a little bit about your experience, training and background.

I began in 1988 in NY as a licensed massage therapist. My focus is on medical massage, Amma Therapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu. I used my techniques with many athletes and performers, including professional football players and triathletes.

Nutrition has always been a personal passion of mine and I soon discovered the link between my clients’ diets and their injuries, as well as their recovery time. I have continued to study and research nutrition over my thirty-year career. For the past 20 years I have focused my research on the work of Dr. Ray Peat, in human physiology and other knowledge scientists.

Lisa, what brings people to seek your expertise?

Oftentimes unless someone finds themselves out of balance, they may not be motivated to make changes. If something comes up that grabs our attention we need help sorting through all the options.

This is where guided imagery comes into play. Once they find their “why,” it is easier to maintain focus and achieve a real change in their health, not being tempted by the latest fad diet. For entertainers and athletes it is simple. They know their “why,” because operating at their highest level is their job.

Please talk about your work as an educator to your clients.

Knowledge is power. When I teach my clients human physiology and they know how their bodies work, they understand why I am coaching them to choose the foods I suggest.

Lisa, what is health and how is it measured?

A strong metabolism will give you real energy, you will gain muscle and lose fat, but to get that you must choose the foods that support it. Once you start to heal your resource of energy becomes deeper. You are not affected by stress the same way, so everything in life is better!

Can you talk about adrenal fatigue?

Most people will say they have pretty good energy, but they are actually running on stress hormones. They believe that as we get older it is normal to not sleep well, but in fact, it is not normal, it is just common. We work together to troubleshoot your needs, to provide a strong foundation for your well being.

What are the concerns you most encounter?

The list goes on and on. Feeling fatigued, unmotivated, suffering from mood swings. A temperament that leans toward aggression, sadness or having a short fuse. You might feel cold easily, have thinning hair, loss of appetite or overeating. General unease of daily living.

Lisa, please tell us about the services you are providing?

I provide individual, couple and family sessions, as well as small group classes. We first dive in to go over what health or lifestyle issue you are experiencing. Together we discover the changes possible that will lead to a strong foundation. Feeling great is entirely possible. Health is our greatest wealth.

You also have a class coming up. Please say more about that.

Thank you for asking. In this class we will cover the importance of nutrients, foods and how they can help or hurt you. We will go over each person’s priorities and how I can best support them. I then devise a plan to keep them on track. They will learn how to combine foods for the best energy production. I do have a few openings for the end of September, so stay tuned.

In addition, I offer private one-on-one coaching, which includes a weekly meeting. You receive a personalized list of foods that are healthy to eat and a deeper understanding of nutrition and how your body works. This list will be edited as we work with each other.

This takes the guesswork out of dining out, being on vacation or preparing food at home. In conclusion, you will have the tools you need for success.

Lisa, I understand that you have worked with Janet Jackson, Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul. Please talk about the work you do and results you achieve.

Entertainers and athletes are under immense pressure to perform, so staying healthy and strong is essential.

They need to maintain stamina, weight and a high level of health. I learned to assess quickly and know what to do to support them fully. I do all the food planning and keep everything very specific. The artists I work with stay healthy and thrive.

Finally, I know you have some great testimonials to share with our readers. Will you please share one now?

“I’ve had the honor of working with Lisa since 1988, at which time she came on a world tour with me to oversee my nutritional needs and to do body work and other healing modalities. As a performer and as a super sensitive person with health issues, I have continued to turn to Lisa for the past 3½ decades if I’m in crisis or if I need a tune up or to help me prepare for major tours and movies. They say it takes a “village,” but in this case, it takes a Lisa! Lisa has a wealth of knowledge in different healing modalities and science based nutrition as well as incomparable intuition and I always feel safe in her hands and I can always count on an upswing when she is overseeing my needs!”- Debbie Gibson

Lisa, is there anything else you would like to say before we close today?

I appreciate you letting me share my life’s passion here. I am thrilled to be part of Southern Oregon and look forward to sharing my work with this community. I also want to say that although this all sounds heavy, it is great fun to explore and grow together. I love to cook and feel that wonderful, simple meals can bring friends and family together. Feel free to reach out to begin your path to well-being and vital living.

Lisa, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me today. What is the best way for our readers to connect with you to learn more about your services?

Thank you Shields, I can be reached through email, phone or text.

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Lisa Giannini

I believe in addressing the whole person. I have found that what we put inside our bodies as well as on our bodies is important to examine. I guide you to your optimum health by looking at both your nutrition and the toxicity in your personal care products, in addition to utilizing guided meditation to maximize your results. My clients are people who have had long-term conditions inclusive of those having aging challenges, such as gut issues, weak immune systems, disturbances due to menopause, and more. 
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