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Loran_Mail_StopLocally owned since 1984, the Mail Stop has moved to a new location next to Milagros in the Market of Choice Shopping Center.  Owner Loran Faudree has been overwhelmed with the success of their move and the conveniences the new location provides. I spoke with Loran to learn more about the big move and services offered at the new location.

Loran, thanks for speaking with us today and congratulations on your new move.  Please tell us about your decision to move locations.

It was a very difficult decision to move the Mail Stop after 30 years in the same spot. Making the decision more difficult was the fact that I was also the new owner of the business.  Initially, I thought I would lose some customers due to the changes. Much to my surprise, we have picked up the pace of the business and added a number of new customers. It was a risk that was worth taking and it has benefited the business and the people who have supported it.

What is some of the feedback you have been receiving from your customers about the new location?

We have had tons of positive feedback from new and old clients alike.  The most common remark is how nice the store is on the inside; bright lighting, clean appearance, friendly staff. In terms of convenience, the best thing is the parking – there is plenty of it and always right in front of the store. Sometimes parking, parking, parking, is as important as location, location, location.

This move has really created an even greater level of convenience for your customers.

I like to call it a 2-fer!! What I mean by that is that our customers can do two things (or more) at the same destination.  You can do your shipping or mailing from the MAIL STOP as well as your grocery shopping at Market of Choice without even having to move your car.  Need to send a FAX, make copies, or pick up your mail from one of our private mailboxes on your lunch hour? No problem you can also get lunch at Milagros or Giseppi’s pizza.

mail_stop_1Can you please talk about the three levels of service you offer for mailing?

The MAIL STOP is a FEDEX Authorized Shipping Center. This designation allows us to ship packages and important documents via Ground (cheapest rate) Priority (a little more) or Overnight delivery. We also can meet your shipping needs with U. S. Post Office mailing products such as flat rate boxes and Priority Mail.  If you need to ship internationally, we can compare rates with FEDEX, USPS, and DHL. The customer is able to compare rates at the counter, pick the service that best meets their needs, and get tracking numbers delivery dates, and any other special services all at once….and did I mention that the parking is great!

Tell us about the copy, FAX, scan, aspect of the business.

Sometimes electronic efficiency is the only way people can move information quickly to a particular person or business. Clients usually want a copy of information that they FAX. The MAIL STOP can copy or scan your docs and FAX them for very competitive rates while you are at the counter.

How about the private mail boxes?

The private mail boxes offer security, convenience, and a great service all at the same time. Just one of the really great things about private mail boxes at the MAIL STOP is the 24/7 access. We also can accept FEDEX, UPS, USPS, and DHL packages for clients. Need to get registered or certified mail delivered to your box? No problem. Going on vacation and need your mail forwarded to you? Again, no problem. The really good news is we have mail boxes available now.

mail_stop_2What else is new at the MAIL STOP?

The MAIL STOP staff continues to focus on expanding services and making things more convenient for our customers. One of our new services includes a notary public.  Notarizing has been a fantastic service for people ‘overnighting‘ live signatures on important documents. Additionally, we have added a secure document shredding service that is done at our site. It’s a great deal for our customers because they can avoid the $35.00 pick up fee that oftentimes accompanies shredding fees. We will shred your docs for a special price of .69 cents a pound!! The MAIL STOP has also added retail items to go along with our shipping business.  Need a card to go along with your gift? We have some really funny all-occasion cards. We also are expanding our retail area to include small gifts. Come in and check ‘em out.

Loran, can you tell us a little more about your background here in Ashland?

I have lived in Ashland for 25 years and have had a number of wonderful opportunities through those years.  It has been my good fortune to help start up a successful local retirement community. I also have been involved in many capacities with the local real estate market as a principal Real Estate broker of my own Real Estate business, a ‘green’ builder and developer, and many years ago a home inspector. One of the great things for me about the MAIL STOP is seeing many of my old friends and acquaintances on a more regular basis.

What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time?

The Rogue Valley to me is an outdoor theatre. I am a regular on the local hiking trails with my very energetic dog Sophie. I also enjoy bicycle riding. There is nothing like riding through the colorful fall foliage in our area or catching the spring blossoms in the surrounding orchards on a bike ride. When I’m not out on the streets, I’m peddling the mountain bike on the miles of trails around town. Riders here in the Valley are blessed with the variety of rides available without having to make hours and hours of car commutes to get there. Can’t close this session without including the great skiing at Mt. A. in the winter and spring. Love the theatre!

mail_stop_3Last words?

Come by and see the new digs at the MAIL STOP. Take advantage of our convenient location and ample parking during the busy holiday season. Check out our private mail boxes. Have questions, come by and see us in person, we will be glad to help you.

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