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WEB_loren_fogelman_2Loren Fogelman is author of The Winning Point – How to Master the Mindset of Champions, an Amazon top 10 best seller in the sports psychology category, and is recognized as a high performance consultant by the LA Times.  Since 1986, Loren has shown thousands of motivated go-getters from around the globe how to accelerate their success with proven strategies.  Loren delivers the little known tactics that shift you from good to great.  Loren partners with you to transform your challenges and obstacles into opportunities.  The actionable steps for your success are teachable.  Get started now with mindset strategies designed to make 2014 your best year EVER!



Loren, thanks so much for speaking with me today. So, let’s get right down to business.  Why are some businesses owners wildly successful while other businesses that have been around much longer are still just scratching the surface?

Glad to have this conversation with you. Three specific qualities influence whether you’ll be wildly successful, or not. The first is purpose.  Purposefully-driven entrepreneurs are prepared to take the necessary steps to fulfill their vision. The next is passion.  You’re providing a service that you wholeheartedly love.  And mindset is the final factor.  Successful business owners face doubts and challenges too.  It’s their response to the challenges that leads to success.

Can you give us a brief overview of the services you will be providing this year?

All the programs combine mindset strategies with sound business success principles.  Since business owners have individualized needs, there are two primary options for business coaching.  High achieving go-getters who want to move extraordinarily fast do best in the private programs.  My  business coaching group, known as a mastermind group, is a very engaging, dynamic experience.  The mastermind group offers steady momentum for expansion.  Here we’ll meet with a small, select group of colleagues.  Think of them as your personal board of directors, something most small business owners lack.  During the monthly meetings you’ll strategize, collaborate and brainstorm on a variety of issues regarding mindset, strategy and actionable next steps.

What types of businesses / business owners are best suited for this work?

I have worked with a wide range of business owners, locally and virtually.  My clients are people just like you, solo-preneurs and small business owners, who are excellent at what they do, and ready for growth. You’re seeking strategies to work smarter, save money, optimize time, and maximize profit. I heard from many business owners that admitted failure to follow through on recommendations while working with consultants.  That’s because the mindset obstacles were overlooked.  I am results based and can quickly assess the strategies and mindset challenges unique to you leading to successful follow through.

Talk about the issue of working in isolation and why this is a huge flaw for entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs create a solo-business without any employees.  The downside is the isolation which limits your growth opportunities.  One client believed her home-based business was more economical than renting an office.  What she didn’t realize was the high price of working alone.  Many distractions existed at home.  To avoid something work-related, she would busy herself with household chores. That’s quite common for home based business owners, but if you worked at an office you would never stop to switch your laundry from the washer to the dryer.  With a home office, her work interfered with family time.  Projects would drag on because of the lack of boundaries between work and home.  The hidden costs were guilt about working instead of spending time with her family, not billing for work because she knew her lack of time management was her fault.  She was treating her business as a hobby (although she was the primary wage earner).

Your work and services are all about helping your clients succeed.  Talk about the changes you typically see occur once someone commits to the process.

Commitment is the operative word.  A partnership is created between me and my clients.  Our work together fosters personal and professional growth.  That’s because success is easier when you’re confident, focused and resilient.  One local business owner that I’ve known for years approached me because it was time to change her business.  She had built several reputable businesses in the community.  Along with her professional interests she was also a wife and mother.  She admits perfectionism was an ongoing issue.  She witnessed other professionals be open, and secretly admired their courage to say what they really felt.  Her business also lacked a defined plan. We developed strategies to improve efficiency along with the mindset barriers.  She was highly driven to claim her expertise in the industry, expanding beyond the Rogue Valley.  The transformation shifted her focus away from a traditional service model, seeing clients individually, to a virtual model offering group programs.  Now she is able to serve more people and free up more time to spend with her family.  And with her new business model, she has published two books, offered her first retreat and now hosts a nationally syndicated radio show.

Over the past 5 years you have had the opportunity to work with several high level clients. What is one of your favorite success stories?

It’s tough to choose only one. A specific client recently started a new business venture.  We fine tuned his marketing plan to avoid being a best kept secret, created a client-attractive message that spoke directly to his ideal client, and established systems that prepared for business growth. This high energy individual was putting in way too many hours and teetering on the verge of burnout. He admits that boundaries were unfamiliar territory.  We created a business system where the business would operate without him.  He was prepared to release his control issues (we started out with baby steps) and to hire enthusiastic employees.  Through our work together, we expanded his business into a 5 person operation. We developed new branding that clearly stated his promise of quality. Expert status in the industry was established by educating his followers.  He implemented systems and procedures that let him step out of the day to day operation.  As his business grew, he tested it to see how it would run without him.  First he started with a day off.  And that day has now turned into a month off, while still earning income through passive and leveraged streams of revenue.

Another important aspect of your work is working with the mindset of your clients. Can you please say more about this?

Success means readiness to change.  One client in particular, was a business coach on the verge of earning 7 figures annually. And her business was in flux.  The changes to her team and her programs felt frenetic.  She described it as organized chaos. Her business model shift was necessary to have her earn twice as much while working half the time. These three specific beliefs were interfering with her success:
1. Success is really hard and comes with a high price.
2. The need to care for others at the expense of my own well-being and happiness.
3. What will people think if I take a stand and become fully self expressed?
She needed congruency between her inner self image and her public image. So we worked on changing subconscious beliefs that impacted her life and her business. We developed new, expanded beliefs that allowed her to carve out time for self-care and have more fun.  She became empowered to decide how other people’s thoughts would impact her and developed relationships where she felt seen, heard and able to express her needs. These changes within caused her to build a new team within her business, develop new cutting edge programming that felt aligned with her talents and increased her energy to grow.  From our work together, she chose to slow down her growth.  She realized her passion was to teach.  So she decided to focus on small, intimate groups, which felt purposeful and invigorating as her business foundation.

Loren, can you share a little bit about your own work and experiences with business coaches and mentors?

For 12 years I worked side by side with my husband, Steve, in our locally-owned counseling agency Kolpia Counseling Services.  It was time for me to grow.  I was seeking something that would stretch me, challenge me and keep me highly engaged.  I didn’t know what that was but I felt compelled to move in a different direction.  And to fast track the process I searched for a mentor.  I immediately joined a very high level mastermind group with a business coach.  That meant traveling 5 to 6 times a year to the east coast for two to three day meetings.  The mastermind meetings helped me define my purpose, my ideal client, and my vision.  They also offered a safe space for working through mindset issues.  That’s when I realized that personal growth is required for success.  Since then I’ve continued to work with high-level business coaches.  Fabienne Fredrickson, Brendon Burchard and Lisa Sasevich are some coaches that I’ve worked with.  By working with these coaches, and participating in masterminds, I’m spending time with success-minded people that have thriving 6 and 7 figure businesses. The information I learn from my business coaches gets passed onto my clients so they benefit from my investment.  The accountability from the mastermind group creates healthy competition.  That’s because if you claim that you’re going to do something, then you’re more likely to follow through on your promise.

Loren, how can you tell if someone is serious about building their business?

Some business owners are interested in growing a thriving business and others are committed. Interested business owners do what’s convenient; and typically operate within their comfort zone. Committed business owners take action, even if it’s beyond their current capabilities.  They don’t make excuses.  If they don’t know how to do something then they’ll learn what’s necessary or hire it out. Committed business owners maintain focus on their BIGGER future vision.

Loren, please talk more about the business mastermind you have put together for 2014. Who is best qualified for this opportunity and where will it be located?

Let me answer that by explaining my style.  I approach my life, and my work, with a sincere, direct style. My entire career has been devoted to helping people be successful.  If you’re seeking to make 2014 your best year ever, then you’ll achieve your goals faster by joining a mastermind group than by figuring it all out on your own.  My philosophy is to “partner” with you in your business since I believe that your success is my success too. Remain open-minded and receptive as we work together.  The tactical focus includes marketing, developing support, follow through with plans and defining your niche.  And the mindset may focus on how you feel about closing the sale, marketing, perfectionism and confidence.  We’ll work through the obstacles together so you don’t remain stuck or have your progress come to a standstill.  If you’re saying “YES!” then let’s meet.  The mastermind group is locally held to maximize your investment.  That way you save on travel expenses and time off from work.

When’s the best time to consider joining a mastermind?

If you’re ready to stop being a best kept secret, unsure which next steps to take and are avoiding opportunities, then now’s the time.  I’m currently accepting applications for the business coaching mastermind group.  To maintain high-quality individualized attention the group is limited to only 10 select business owners.  Completing the application is the first step. Then we’ll set a time to meet.  I only accept business owners whom I can help succeed.  Not only do I expect you to feel more confident as you create a “client attractive business,”  I expect you to also see increased revenue as you market and build your business.  Consider the value of adding one new client to your practice.  That alone is worth the investment for this program.  It’s easy to say that, “I’ll get to it someday,” but life gets busy and you may not follow through with your best intentions at a later date.  I’m pretty sure that in 6 months or so, there won’t be that much significant change in your business.  So get started now, and in 6 months you’ll be ahead of the game.

I am curious to hear about some of the most interesting qualities you notice in people who become your best clients?

My best clients are the “go-to” people that everyone turns to with questions, but lack a trusted source for the moments when they need answers.  Like you, there’s too much to do but not enough time to get everything done.  They seek to serve more people, expand their impact and influence, but lack a clear action plan. Being open to suggestions is critical; nothing kills success more than an “I know” attitude.

Why would someone choose a mastermind group instead of private coaching?

Both forms of coaching offer unique benefits. There’s something special about dynamic groups.  When we all focus on your business challenges new, better ideas emerge during the discussion.  It’s possible to share a plan, explore the possibilities and then quickly gain insight to something that’s even better than your original plan. Or maybe you’re seeking to meet a strategic alliance and another group member can make an introduction.  The bonus is that when another member shares their business challenge, you’ll experience “a-ha” moments.  Things you once thought impossible become possible within the group.

Loren, even with great resources at the tips of their fingers what keeps some business owners from stepping forward for help?

Off the top of my head there’s ego, low confidence, pride, shame, judgment, money and trust.  Money and time are the primary reasons.  After you recognize the value in business coaching, and the return on your investment, then those reasons are removed.  Since I offer businesses coaching locally you don’t have to travel or work with me remotely.  That’s why I offer a complimentary strategy session to business owners who are prepared to work smarter and are seriously seeking success.

What would you say to someone who is curious but not totally sure if this is the right experience for them?WEB_loren_folgelman

Well if you’re seriously considering business coaching or joining the mastermind group, then let’s meet. Take advantage of the complimentary Business Breakthrough Strategy Session.  That’s where you and I can sit down.  During the strategy session we’ll develop a crystal clear vision for 2014.  You’ll identify potential obstacles that might prevent you from meeting those goals.  And you’ll get inspired, energized and excited about your plans.  So if you’re a serious business owner ready to make 2014 your best year ever, then you’re encouraged to apply for a complimentary Business Breakthrough Strategy Session.

And for those who are ready, how can they begin working with you?

If you feel that this is the right time and you know that you’re ready to make 2014 your best year ever, then contact me for a complimentary Business Breakthrough Strategy Session. This strategy session is an ideal way to see if I can help you successfully achieve your goals.  If it looks like a good fit, then we can discuss the best options; whether it’s working privately together or joining the mastermind group.  By the way, I work with clients face-to-face as well as virtually so geography is not an issue.

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