Loving Nepal

I LOVE Nepal! Kathmandu rocks and has a fun, charming, uplifting vibe. I think I was ready to leave India behind. I am not sure what happened there for me this time around but I was really ready to experience and escape the craziness of India. I did leave India with a smile on my face as I had a wonderful time in Dharamsala and was totally spoiled by my friend Sonam.

Kathmandu is a place I think we could both stay for months on end. The Nepalese are warm and friendly and have a good understanding of Westerners. There are quaint rooftop restaurants everywhere, the food is amazing and one can choose a different ethnic meal each day of the week. The restaurants are quaint, the city is relatively clean and hassling by touts is down to a minimum, besides the daily murmur as we walk by some Nepalese wishing to sell us some hash.

It is cold here as I have arrived for the coldest month of the year. Hotels boast to have 24 hour hot water but it is now taken three days before able to receive any. Last night I complained so much that at 7:00am I received a cheerful knock on the door from the hotel boasting to have hot water. I darted out of bed, let the water run 15 minutes before it got hot and was able to lather up in record time before the five minutes of water went frigid. Apparently this is status quo. For some reason there are also power cuts here twice daily for three hour block. The times are random and one has to be prepared at any time for the power to be cut. We have found the best time to go to dinner is during the power cuts as all the cafes turn to romantic cozy candle lit havens. When the power is cut the candles come out, when it returns the Nepalese cheer. We just have to hope that during the long blog writing the power stays on!

Despite the cold we have decided to go away for 11 days on a nine day trek to Annapurna Base Camp! Apparently this is one of the most beautiful and scenic treks in Nepal. We met a kick A$$ guide by coincidence our first day here named Dipulama. He seems to have a great heart and we connected with him instantly. We will be climbing to 4200 meters (about 14,00ft) and will be in -12C (10 F) weather. I am very excited and a little anxious about my endurance and managing the cold. I spent the whole day shopping for winter gear and with all seven layers of clothes I am now sporting the entire contents of my backpack. I realize I packed very efficiently.

Well, I am off before the power is. Bon Voyage for the next two weeks!

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I am passionate. I am honest and true to my word. I am a yogini. I love salsa dancing. I enjoy good movies and good books. I love the outdoors and nature. I have a passion for international travel and learning about other cultures. I love lazy days and days filled with fun and new adventures. I am a thrill seeker. I am playful, loyal, responsible, independent, authentic and speak what is on my mind. I have few secrets and many ideas. I love romance and affection. I am feisty.

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