Mike FM now Mixx 93….can you say eww?

I LOVED Mike Fm, also known around the valley as KTMT 93.7 I loved the format, lots of 80’s mixed in with some 90’s and a few newer, songs. LOVED it. Mixx 93? Eh, not so much…. While they do still play some old stuff, its mostly newer, more acoustic (please, please forgive my spellings, I’m pretty sure I botched that one!!). While its nice and all, its not really entertaining for me. Sorry, but I hate it. And while I can still get my oldies on say, The Drive 102.7, its mostly rock, which I do like, but I want a mix of oldies ya know??? And while they are calling themselves the new mixx 93…. well, it doesn’t seem to me to be much of a mix. Anyways thats my rant of the day…. Later!!

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I'm 28, upfront and blunt, sassy, kind, openminded, laidback and tend to take things as they come. But I also know when to stand up for myself.

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