Moving Forward

I have spent a lot of my life looking forward. I now have moved forward. There are areas of my life that I do need to improve upon, example: I over promise things to people because I am a nice person and want to make people happy. Well, I can’t do that anymore. I am now transitioning that to myself. I am focusing on my happiness which in turn will give others happiness! It’s not hard to let people drain you of your happiness when you are a positive person. If you are not careful, you will turn around and be a negative nancy!

As I said in the first part, I am not doing any looking. I am moving forward. I am able to accept things a lot easier when I consider the move in comparison to the look. See here is how it breaks down in my head. If I say I am looking, that means I am sitting idle and waiting. When I say I am moving, that means to me that I am taking action. I am a take action kind of person, always have been. I don’t panic much. I do knee jerk though. But ya know, who doesn’t? That is another task, another blog. But the moving forward feels so positive and I am happy to finally be doing something for me! I will do this in all aspects of my life. My professional life, my personal life, even my dating/love life. So if you know me, please support me when I tell you no about something. I have been over promising and under delivering for a while now and that needs to stop. Nothing is more important to me than my integrity. Nothing. So if I lose that, what do I have? It’s not like I have a nice car, great hair a house of my own and make a lot of money. When you have stuff like that people tend to stick around longer when you mess up. Makes no sense to me. So all I have is my word and moving forward, I will not over promise. I will keep my schedule accordingly and only do what I say I can. Or only say what I can follow through on!


There you have it! Moving forward! TjH

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I am a father to a 13 year old boy, named Riley. He lives in Eugene and I see him 4-5 times a year. I am a club dj. I am interested in local politics and really enjoy understanding people.
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