My Life As A Salesman.

     The Life of a Salesman

               Short Stories


Hi, I’m Henry. I am a salesman, a traveling salesman. I have some pretty strange things to share about my customers, and my relationship to them.


As always, the story starts at the front door. You see, I’ma door-knocker. There is a lot  for me to overcome to knock on a door, as there is for the person to open the door that has been knocked on. This is where the relationship starts, though. I’ve had guns pulled on me, police called, been hit by an 80 yr-old man, invited to dinner and had dogs try to take a chunk out of me. I’ve had people want to adopt me, marry me and save me. I’ve had my butt pinched by two sisters, 75 and 80 yrs-old, not once but twice or three times. I’ve mowed lawns for people,prayed with others and fixed things like vacuum cleaners. (I am not a vacuum cleaner salesman.) I’ve adjusted tables, chairs, changed flat tires and many other things. These are the stories–at times comical, scary, sad and joyful–about my life as a salesman.




PS. These stories that are to follow this on a regular basis, are real and have actually happened. Â

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