Identity Development

Here is a peak at our branding package… Plus a few slogans below…

---------------------------------------------------------TAG LINES & IDENTITY PHRASES © 2008 LocalsGuide---------------------------------------------------------

People You Know and Places You Go--------------------------The PAPER aint so boring anymore.. the LocalsGuide Newspaper that is..--------------------------We want you to help us Rock the Valley--------------------------Web 2 Print--------------------------You be the Expert - Tell us what you think--------------------------Bringing you up close and personal with the local people and people behind thescenes with the movers and shakers who make it all work.------------------Localsguide gets you upclose and personal with the movers and shakers who makeit all happen

How does LcoalsGuide do it?

Well lets find out....------------------You are now listening to LocalsGuide Radio.. broadcasting live from ...------------------You got to be that fly on the wall.... Just a little taste of what's to come------------------For the locals guide radio network ......I'm Dave Waka..... ok BYE!------------------Its wierd its wild its wacky... its part of the localsguide publication on the web and in print.------------------This has been another localsguide radio podcast------------------You have a voice - Use it!------------------Got an idea for a Local Story, Tell us about LocalsGuide is your hyperlocalpaper.. we cover the stories that count..-------------------------Wanna be famous.. sign up on LocalsGuide and make your self some friends-------------------------Need some friends.. go to and meet some of the coolest geeks inthe valley--------------------------wa wa wee wa.. put that photo on LocalsGuide--------------------------Put that photo on LocalsGuide!!--------------------------The Valleys Coolest Paper... so cool we have to put it in the oven to warm up!--------------------------------The Valleys Coolest Paper-------------------------
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