Neurofeedback and Post-Covid

Here is another great testimonial from one of our inspiring clients!

I am a 76 year old woman just about halfway through my course of IASIS treatment.  It might be helpful to explain my reasons for trying neurofeedback as I’m hoping to encourage others to investigate and finally use this treatment.

I had COVID twice last year (2022) and I experienced extensive physical and emotional damage.  My body was hurting on so many levels.  My immune system was seriously compromised and I was unable to return to (what was) an active and well-rounded lifestyle.  I gradually returned to a life with a reasonable amount of physical activity – but was stuck with depression and unbearable anxiety.  When I met Suzanne and learned a little about the IASIS Neurofeedback system, I was impressed with the number of people who had their lives back.  I wanted to be one of those people.

I’m impressed with how much better I feel on so many levels. I’ve experienced much more joy; I have hope; my cognition has improved; I’m motivated to return to activities I just didn’t have the energy to pursue; my thinking has become more positive; my attitude has changed…that “cloud of doom” has lifted and I’m encouraged to think about the future with anticipation.  Also, my relationship with my husband is much improved and even he has noticed that I am more joyful and easily going with the flow. I do not need to control everything anymore!

I’m very grateful for the changes I’ve already seen in my life. I hope my words of encouragement will motivate others to give this treatment a try.

S.M., Medford (6 sessions)

We pull from a menu of therapies that are synergistic with Neurofeedback to get the best, most sustainable result for our clients. Call Suzanne Mark at (541) 631-8757 to discuss your unique situation and how you might benefit!  The best time for new beginnings is always NOW.

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