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Doc Ramona Rubio, co-owner of the Inner Child Café, has co-authored The Alchemical Woman, A Handbook for Everyday Soulwork. Read the following review and get your copy at SoundPeace bookstore.


The Alchemical Woman is more than the usual ‘self-help’ book on the shelf. Although this very interesting and somewhat mysterious compilation of past and present ideas and philosophies is organized in a linear stepping stones pathway, the actual use of this book’s wisdom is more cybernetic in nature. It looks at womanhood (at any age and in any walk of life) as a whole and indivisible experience, with an ebb and flow through the dark times and the blinding light of fame and fortune. The Alchemical process seems to spiral back on itself – being present on all levels at all times, but with varying intensity depending on the development of the individual in a given set of circumstances. It’s not to say the process is a closed loop that never finds the benefits of knowledge and experience. It is an ascending spiral taking the Soul worker to higher levels of experience at each encounter with herself. The work is written beautifully – almost poetically, with the benefit of real life stories of real women. It challenges the reader to write her own story – and then rewrite it with an exciting and engaging plot and a truly happy ending. A woman’s story never really ends, as this book attests, so the reader will find herself authoring again and again. This of course, is the point the authors of The Alchemical Woman are making – that the process of alchemy on the internal plane lasts a lifetime with each challenge, relationship, change, crisis and celebration being the ‘base metals’ for turning her life into gold. The underlying assumption being that the exterior life of the woman will reflect the wealth of her internal life – turning poverty to riches on all levels of the integrated Alchemical Woman.

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