OMG! School is ridiculously hard

so, this is my first year of nursing school and every day i wonder if i’m going to make it.  an if i’m not wondering that, i wonder if my head is going to exploding.  i’ve ever experienced it, but i elieve head exploding is not a good option.

i am back in school at 31, finally (i hope) know what i want to do, and had to choose something difficult.  why couldn’t i ust stick with touchy feely stuff instead of the sciences.

let’s hope one of you don’t get me as a nurse, cuz at this point i’m a bit concerned.



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i moved here from seattle because i was accepted into the OHSU nursing program at SOU. I am becoming more friendly the longer i stay here. i love that everyone is kind and there isn't a lot of fear of violence. i love to go to music shows. unfortunately, i don't really like shakespeare, because i can't understand an f-ing word they're saying. i love parks. especially parks with hiking and waterfalls. i'm a radical and i feel like the democratic party might be heading in that sort of direction. (one can have hope) i wish i could change all of the injustice in the world by making everyone believe that we are all human being in a difficult world. that we all suffer and struggle and that that would make a difference. i am very strong willed and will stand up for myself or the well being of others if i think it is important. and most things i think are important. i laugh and cry a lot and think that's completely acceptable. i like living........
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