Pita Pit Review

With McDonald’s and Dairy Queen long gone from Ashland, Pita Pit offers another healthy fast food alternative for folks looking for a quick place for lunch or breakfast.

If eating in a “pit” is not your idea of a satisfying way to spend your lunch break, don’t let the name “Pita Pit” discourage you.  This popular new lunch spot tucked away in downtown Ashland is a great place to grab a fresh, made to order stuffed pita for lunch or breakfast.   Pita Pit offers a a creative selection of main ingredients for their stuffed pitas and the customer gets to choose from a variety of condiments to fill out their pita.

This is not your traditional Greek gyro stand.  The Pita Pit takes the idea of traditional Greek gyro, (thinly sliced roasted lamb wrapped in pita bread) and puts an American–“have it your way” spin on it by serving pita bread stuffed with all sorts of ingredients.  (They do offer a gyro pita–but it is stuffed with beef rather than lamb.)  The menu features at least five vegetarian pitas and even more of a selection for the carnivorous.   If you’re watching your carbs or have trouble with wheat, you can go “pita-less” and order any of the pita selections as a salad.  The pitas are very generously stuffed, so even if you skip the meal deal with chips and a drink, you won’t leave the Pita Pit hungry.  Prices here are inexpensive, so it’s no wonder that local students and families are heading to Pita Pit to avoid the tourist prices at other downtown restaurants.  We encountered a lunch rush on a weekday, so if you’re short on time, plan to come in early before 12:00 noon.

Pita Pit adds another healthy fast food alternative to Ashland.   Conveniently located at 145 E. Main downtown, the restaurant  definitely has a fast food atmosphere complete with loud music and colorful cartoon drawings as decor.  If you value a calm and soothing place to eat, you should plan to take your pita to go.  And, if you’re thinking of a romantic lunch, zoom into Pita Pit early and order your pitas to go –then walk  your special someone to Lithia Park for a  the perfect lunch get-away.  Why pay for a fancy setting when you can eat for free in one of the most beautiful parks in the Northwest?  If you’re stuck in the office and want to avoid microwave popcorn for lunch, you can have a stuffed pita delivered right to your door from Pita Pit.


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