Postpartum Care

by Dr. Ann Michael

Did you know that a new mom’s hormones might not regulate until at least 6 months postpartum?

That means certain hormones – like relaxin – are still present in a mom’s body even after birth. In other words, the mom is susceptible to easily injuring her joints. This is due to the loose ligaments after the birth. Please consider this, as well as during and before the actual birthing event.

Our goal would be to assist the mom to return back to “normal” after the birthing process.

During the birthing process there has been an opening up of the pelvis, so that the baby can be born. Recovery can usually be assisted by a knowledgeable chiropractor, one who knows how to gently encourage structural balancing.

At this delicate time of recovery, I would not suggest any High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA) adjusting, especially of the sacroiliac joints of the mom.

What is the mother’s health status postpartum? Is she suffering with mid back, cervical, low back, pelvic or pubic discomfort?

Here are a few cases I recently treated postpartum:

One postpartum mom (of two days) had difficulty walking, with numbness of the leg. She could not get up from the toilet without assistance. I gently adjusted her pelvis (sacroiliac and pubic bones, including re-balancing her femurs). After which, she felt much better. She could walk unassisted, and then she  began a speedy recovery. She was able to care for her new wee one with no pain and suffering.

Vaginal tearing and swelling was drastically reduced after several consecutive treatments with the Erchonia cold level laser.

Another mom had postpartum wrist pain from holding the baby in a hyper flexed position. With adjusting, the Erchonia cold level laser, and RockTape, healing was encouraged.’

Our philosophy is to take away structural interference so that the body can heal itself.

Because of the hormone relaxin, a belly wrap or binder can also help encourage the body to return to its postpartum shape. Wraps for a short period of time can support the abdominal muscles and help reduce swelling. Belly wraps also help keep pressure on a C-section incision. Some moms find binding their belly very comforting.

Yet, belly binding can actually be detrimental if the mom has prolapse issues… So be sure to consult with your midwife or physician prior to wrapping up.

My next article will address NEONATAL CARE from a Craniopath’s perspective.

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