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Artist John Garloff was born and raised in the fruit orchards of Cucamonga California, and while growing up, spent time traveling back and forth to Italy to see grandparents and family. John now resides in Ashland Oregon for the past 19 years and proudly calls Oregon his home . He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and has traveled 27 states on a Harley.

Who is J. Garloff?
I am a grounded and compassionate person that appreciates the simple things in life. Being self taught I find ordinary extraordinary! I love accomplishment and find comfort in knowing, trusting, and developing the true self. Working as an artist liberates the bondage of depression and awakens discovery of transformation from old to new. Art holds the vessel in attaining a sense of purpose and freedom. It is truly a catalyst of great things to come.

How did you get started working with metal?
I had to make an inventory of what skills I possessed. With my previous business, fabricating was necessary in order to keep my equipment functioning properly. Looking back, I realized that it was more of the fabricating that I enjoyed rather than the actual job. I really like the visual of copper and brass as a combination. The simple complexity of my pieces attracts me most of all. Working with hard drawn copper has it’s challenges but once the shape is executed it holds true to its form. I have always had a fascination for lighting and time pieces. Taking metal and coming up with artistic lighting is right up my alley.

How do you see yourself as an artist?
It was quite a transition from heavy labor to artistry. The idea came to me in a dream one night which vividly held a vision for finding and recreating myself as an artist. It seemed like a crazy notion at the time but when I shared my thoughts with my wife, she suggested I pursue my dream. For me, being an artist is about the freedom of creation. It is about the excitement when a new idea comes to mind, then meeting that challenge by taking those ideas and forming them into a 3 dimensional sculpture. Through the creative process, I find myself courageously thinking outside the box. Thinking outside the box reminds me that I’m alive! It gives me a level of achievement and satisfaction that stimulates growth through new boundaries and in turn, drives me to exciting and unfamiliar places.

What brings you out to Oregon and how long have you been here?
Falling in love is what brought me out to Oregon. It was love at first twice! First with the women of my dreams and second with a place to call home. I liked the softer slower pace of life compared to the big city. I like walking out my door and hiking into the mountains and not having to get in my car. I love the experience of 4 seasons without extreme, severe weather. I wanted to live in an area that offered a quality life style where I could raise a family. Isn’t that what everyone wants and deserves?

Do you have a favorite piece, if so why?
I enjoy all of my pieces. For me it’s all about the creation. Making the piece and forming the vision, then moving on to my next idea.

Do you have any advice for people in a position of reinventing themselves?
Yes. My advice to people finding themselves in a position of taking on, wearing, or filling a new hat is not to listen to the voice that says “can’t”. Find what makes you happy and fill that within yourself. If it doesn’t exist, create it. That’s what I did.

What is the average price of one of your illuminative sculptures?
There is no average price. Each piece represents it’s own level of challenge. That takes time so it’s about how intricate the piece is and how long it takes to accomplish a mere vision into reality.

How do you get your inspiration?
I just like thinking in shapes. Actually thoughts pop into my mind and I think about how I can take that idea and create a new look and how I can work with the materials. Something in life could happen, anything! A discussion with one of my boys. Like the trident lamp was developed from a discussion with my boy about Poseidon and what a lamp would look like for him. Passion and excitement I guess. When that happens I know I have another project to work on.

What other interests do you hold dear?
I love being present in my son’s lives and participating in their interests and well being.

My wife and I love to scuba dive. The creatures of the seas are very inspirational. Their shapes and colors are so amazing. The idea of exploring another world and the peace that it brings is so sublime. But I could do without running into any Great Whites. That happened to us in Monterey.

Why would people be inclined to buy your art?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone finds something attractive but it’s different for everyone. I put as much love and consideration into my pieces as I possibly can. I think they are beautiful, masterly crafted, and visually pleasing. As time goes on, I continue to develop different styles in my collection that may appeal to many types of folks. With passion, romance, function, and elegance, my sculptures bring strength and warmth to any room with versatile and variable illumination.

How can people get in touch with you?

My website is being over hauled at this time but I can be reached by phone or via email. Ohm Home Lighting also invites you to visit our website on
J. Garloff: Ohm Home Lighting
248 N. 2nd Street, Ashland OR 97520

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