Reconsider What You Have Learned About High School Education

Why challenge the traditional approach to high school? Because a one-size-fits-all high school experience does not work for many teens. Over the past 5 years, Gallup surveyed 5 million students and found that only about one-third of high schoolers are engaged in their education. At Jump Education, we help you to develop a customized approach to high school, called Early College, where your teen will take classes at community college rather than high school. In Early College, many teens discover improved learning environments without the drama, negativity, and constant stress that so many are experiencing in traditional high school settings.


Often, teens that attend community college instead of high school feel more motivated because they get to choose from a wider variety of classes and can design their own schedules. They also feel proud to be in college and earning a ton of college credit for free! And they can continue to play sports with their high school athletics programs if they so choose. When their peers are graduating from traditional high school, many Early College teens have completed a year or two of college while simultaneously earning their high school diploma.


Would you like the chance to:


Design your own schedule?

Finish college with less debt?

Let go of teen drama?

Get more rest?

Have more time to pursue your personal interests?


Students can save tens of thousands of dollars through Early College programs, paving the way for a much brighter economic future.


The average student loan debt in America is $30,000 and it usually takes college graduates about twenty years to pay that off. However, when a teen enrolls in an Early College program they have the opportunity to complete a year or two of college for free while also earning their high school diploma. Since the average cost of attending a public university is $25,000 a year, every year of Early College that a teen completes while in high school can save that teen about $25,000. With less debt, Early College graduates can use their salaries to grow wealth or attend graduate school.

As Jump Education team members, we have been academic advisors, counselors, and instructors in either community college or high school settings. We are parents of Early College teens and have personally experienced the benefits of a customized approach to education. We feel a responsibility to share this information with the wider community and to help teens create a customized approach to high school where they often find more purpose and motivation in their lives. If this sounds interesting to you, take our free, 30-Minute Webinar or schedule a 1:1 Consultation. We can help you determine if the Early College path is right for you and how to best access this wonderful opportunity.

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