Sicko – The Movie

Movie review of Michael Moore’s latest movie Sicko

I saw Sicko yesterday. The matinee at the Varsity had about five or six attendees.

This has to be Moore’s best movie yet. As a change of style, he didn’t spend much time in the lobby trying to talk to the President or CEO of the big health insurance companies, but he showed a great example of how one patient got results in a big way, when it comes to medical coverage.

Moore compares the USA’s approach to paying for medical services to Canada, France, and Cuba. He is somewhat convincing, that socialized medicine is not a bad Bureaucratic Leviathan that our government would have us to believe it would be. The movie addresses problems with health insurance and not the issue of the uninsured.

My favorite scene is where the President is signing some healthcare act, I think it was about Medicare, and there are callouts indicating how much each politician was paid….

Lots of money for the insurance companies, lots of money for the politicians.

I have worked in the medical insurance business briefly, and the amount of waste is astronomical. There is no accountability and very little recourse for those harmed by the system. IMHO, the purpose and scope of health insurance has degraded to the point of profits over humanity. Change is desperately needed.

See the movie, for starters. Many more videos on youtube.


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