Testimonial from one of our amazing clients!

“I never could have imagined that I would feel so desperate in my life.  Over time, the grip of an iron fist in my chest and gut and that “terror-able” feeling of my blood running cold began slowly at first then over time became my “new normal”.  I realized that this was not the direction I wished to go anymore, but felt helpless, sinking into quicksand.

After each microcurrent session, I felt as if I was returning to myself little by little. After four sessions a good chunk of my palpable fear evaporated.  The sessions themselves can be quite relaxing so I was able to feel different right away. Now, after 10 sessions my depression has lifted, I sleep better and I no longer feel that gripping enduring fear. Perhaps more pertinent, I am better equipped to handle what arises and I have way less anxiety about the future.

Being in Suzanne’s presence is both enjoyable and informative. The noninvasive techniques she employs go beyond the actual microcurrent treatment and address limiting beliefs, feelings, fears, wants, etc… I feel empowered by these techniques as I integrate them into my daily, hourly, life. I remember the moment when I realized I was contracting around my fear and pain.  When I relaxed into the feelings in my body, the fear and pain morphed and flowed within me, and soon disappeared after a dance that left me in awe.”

M.A. – Ashland

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback helps disentrain stuck patterns in the most gentle way possible. Using less than a trillionth of a volt, it gently shows your brain the stuck areas and helps the brain return to flexible, resilient patterns. Don’t wait, call us today!

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