The Bus Outside Our Front Door

Hi LocalsGuide members!
Today, I talk about a bus that is stoped right outside our house right now.  The bus is from Phoenix-Talent SD #920018 and is taking a tour teaching about solar and green energy.  The purpose the bus is parked out in front of our house is because there is a tight cramp outside the house where the people are touring.

And now, a word from our dad, roguewriter:
We found this especially ironic because, although not this particular tour, I included the Solar and Green Tour in the October issue of LG. The irony is that out of all the places the bus could have parked, it parked directly in front of our home.

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Me[Gavyne]and my brother[Baylin]are 11 and 9 we had to make this account by trying to get my birthday but the year only went to 1988.
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