The Enneagram and the Dramatic Life

Using Film to Understand the Nine Character Types with Carl Marsak, M.A.

When: Sun. March 27th, 2011 from 10-6 pm.
Where: Ashland Public Library, 410 Siskiyou Blvd, in the Gresham Room.
Cost: $25.00-45.00 sliding scale (lunch not included).
Note: Pre-registration is required (see below).
With the Ashland Independent Film Festival coming up again in April, it seems like a good time to learn about how the nine character types show up in the movies! The premise of this workshop is that because Enneatypes are often more visible in film than in real life, through film study one can learn about them quickly, easily and enjoyably. Characters with vivid and consistent traits and attitudes, shown interacting under conditions of both stress and relaxation, show us examples of positive and/or negative character development, and how we can use the Enneagram in our own lives to foster psychological growth and spiritual transformation.
The workshop will include teaching pieces, short meditations, DVD clips, dyad exercises, and a full-length feature film after lunch. It is appropriate for beginners and more advanced students. The suggested reading is the Enneagram Movie and Video Guide: How to See Personality Styles in the Movies, Second Edition, by Tom Condon (1999).
Carl is founder and director of The Enneagram Center of Ashland, and is certified as a professional Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition with Helen Palmer and David Daniels, M.D. Carl leads workshops and classes in Ashland and around the world, and is available for typing interviews and counseling sessions.

For more information and to pre-register, please email Carl at,

or visit his website at:

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