The NEW RVTD U-Pass – Smart, Economic, & Efficient

What do all people in the Rogue Valley share in common?  We all have places to go.

Whether we are getting groceries, visiting a friend or commuting to work, we all travel.  But how we travel has a direct impact on our community. From air-quality, to traffic. Walking, riding a bike, or taking the bus are smart and viable options.

Now with RVTD’s new U-Pass the option of riding the bus just became more realistic.  Why?  Because now employers around the Rogue Valley can purchase a U-Pass employee bus pass package that is a fraction of the cost of a regular bus fare.

Employees, wouldn’t you like to take the bus to work for FREE?

Employers, wouldn’t you like to qualify for Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit and give back to the community?

We thought so!
Because the Rogue Valley’s air quality is in non-attainment of standards set by the Department of Environmental Quality, RVTD has been able to offer a further subsidy towards the cost of the U-Pass.
Now employers and employees alike can share peace of mind by investing in community transportation. Transportation which is both smart, economic and efficient.
Stay tuned as our program grows. We will keep you posted via the LocalsGuide as to how Local Businesses are joining with RVTD to create a better community.

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