Throw Out Your New Year’s Resolutions – Try Sankalpa Instead

By Hannah Force Conry

The call of a fresh start is upon us. The time of year when we feel we get a do-over. There is so much potential when we look at a fresh 365 days that are ours to choose how we spend them. Each year we vow to have the best year of our lives by changing x, y, and z. So often resolutions are about punishing ourselves for things we should have done better or been better about. Lose weight, eat better, clean more, be happier, on and on. We come up with elaborate plans based on punishing ourselves for perceived inadequacies. Only 8% of us actually achieve the New Year resolutions we set. Yikes! Let’s try something different.

Start from a place of knowing that you are enough. Here and now, as you are is wonderful. Your very being possesses intelligence beyond your comprehension. Your body, mind, and spirit are on your side even when they need help coming back into balance.

The 4 Pillars

Dharma – Your true purpose in this life. How do you want to be of service? What are you called to do and provide?

Artha – The material resources necessary to fulfill your dharma. Do you need money? How much? What kind of education or experience? Where do you need to live?

Kama – Life’s pleasures. What brings you joy? What fills your cup?

Moksha – Longing to know the eternal. Liberation. Freedom. What are your spiritual goals?

The idea here is to pick which area of your life needs a little extra focus. Which area do you want to make changes in? Taking stock of where you stand now, how is each area doing? Does one stand out as needing a boost? This is the one to focus on for the formation of your sankalpa.


This is your one pointed focus that aligns mind, body and spirit to focus on your chosen resolve. This is your personal mantra of the moment. Something that you are deeply committed to achieving in the next 6-18 months. It is written precisely, in the positive, and as though you have already achieved it. Use language that aligns with who you are. Write it as though it is a statement you are beyond excited to share with the world.

“What joy! I am now at the perfect weight for my body and I feel strong and healthy.”

“I can finally relax! My business is effortlessly thriving and provides for all the needs of my family.”

“I am truly loved with a partner that is committed, kind, and understands me.”

Now you try!

What’s Next

Use your sankalpa as you would a mantra: before journaling, repeating in the mirror, with meditation, etc. The trick is to get in a state of gratitude before hand. Be grateful for everything that has lead you to this moment. Let this mantra penetrate your subconscious and guide your actions towards your stated goal. Cheers to an amazing 2020!

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