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Tree Musings

There are bee trees, and Bee Bee trees. Red, White and Blue Oaks, what could be more American than that?

There are Japanese Maples, Austrian Pines, Bosnian Pines, Chinese Wingnuts, Italian Alders, Mexican Oaks, and Cedars of Lebanon..

Aspirin comes from willows, and maybe because some willows can be a real headache…

Kings have crowns, newlyweds rings, dogs bark, elephants have trunks, most banks have branch offices, and old houses have root cellars…

There are bearing trees, witness trees, and swing trees.

How about blue Redwoods, or green Redbuds?

There are Trees of Heaven, but a lot of people think these came from waaay south of there!

There is a tree of life,  family trees, and roots of all evil…

Where in the heck do seedless Oranges come from?

There are city trees and Tree City U.S.A’s.

How about falling out of an ugly tree and hitting every branch on the way down, I guess you could be considered “some poor sap”

How come “money doesn’t grow on trees”, ya know?

Apple of his eye, plum crazy, a gal named Twiggy, going against the grain, and a thorn in your side.

Monterey has its own pine and cypress, lucky them!

We have Oak Street and Oak Knoll Avenue, so there!

Cottonwoods, Ironwoods, Zebrawoods, Dogwoods, Moosewoods And Deepwoods Off!

There are Oak Ridge Boys, Cypress Hill, and Mystik Roots…

I know a gal named Linden, and a guy named Russel.

The coolest bumper sticker: “The Trees Are the View”.

How about a Catbird in a Dogwood?

There are “stately” trees, and “state trees”…

I hope you are having a great holiday season!

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Casey Roland

Casey P. Roland Tree Care

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