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At Ashland Neurofeedback, we have observed that recent events have brought old issues to the surface for many. Prior trauma, PTSD, old TBI, pain and limiting life patterns that could perhaps be swept under the rug in more stable times have come up for reevaluation and integration. We have also noticed that the people who have fared the best in this time are people with the most resiliency. Those that are best able to adapt to changing circumstances do better in challenging times. If you or someone you care about is not feeling ideally flexible and resilient, we can help. By using IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback and other customized approaches we have one goal in mind: to help your brain correct patterns of struggle and dysregulation and experience the calm, open, productive awareness that is your natural state. You CAN rebound much faster from past or recent events with this gentle, sensitive approach. We provide discounts to first responders and front line healthcare providers. It is not necessary to discuss traumatic events in order for this therapy to be effective. We look forward to serving you.

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