What Is Healing?

What is Healing? In my years as a healing practitioner, I’ve seen a shift (or is it that Ashland people have a deeper understanding?): It used to be that people would come with recurring headaches, a bad cold, or emotional trauma and would want the pain to go away. When that pain was addressed, they would disappear; they’d gotten what they came for. Now most of us are a little smarter about healing. We know the headaches could come back in another form; the pain from an intestinal tumor, though dimmed, could return and ultimately cause death; the agony of a broken relationship could reappear in different form with another partner (and often does). What will ultimately “heal” a broken bone or a broken heart is to get to the root of it. That root is immersed in a lifetime of cover-ups – layer upon layer of the mud of misunderstandings, blaming others and blaming self. No quick fix can rectify our fixations. We’re stuck where we are stuck, until we are willing to open our eyes, become aware and address our lifelong patterns. As a TARA Approach practitioner, I have the opportunity to appreciate both the pain (physical and emotional) and the deeper Light that shines within each person I work with. I use a combination of modalities that come out of ancient Japan (Jin Shin, an energetic medicine), modern neuropsychology, craniosacral work, even osteopathy. Together we recognize the shocks and traumas underlying today’s problems as coming from birth or earlier and being repeatedly triggered by events throughout life. I teach my clients self care. They in turn continue to teach me beauty and gratitude from their own unique store of Spirit, of Self. Together we all continue to uncover the layers, to reach ever closer to the authentic Self, and open new pathways toward fulfilling our life’s goals and purpose. Valerie Muroki is an Advanced Practitioner and Teacher of The TARA Approach to Healing Shock and Trauma. She is offering an Introductory/Self Care workshop in Ashland on the weekend of March 24 and 25. Call her at 541-488-5071 for more information.

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Having lived in Ashland over 2 years now, I'm still in love with this town. I'm a Tara Approach Advanced practitioner (utilizing a form of the ancient Japanese practice of Jin Shin) and I channel Jorei -- a healing Light energy -- through my hands. My partner and I have The Anchor Point, "a new approach to anchoring creative possibilities for living a fulfilling life." I have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law living in NYC, both accomplished classical musicians. (They're the ones who taught me mushroom hunting.)
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