World of Wine Festival grows

Jacksonville, Oregon — Southern Oregon’s World of Wine region has entered an era of expansion with 68 wineries and 70 varietals across the region. The 9th annual World of Wine Festival has grown with the region, moving from Del Rio Vineyards and Winery to its new larger permanent home on the historic campus of Bigham Knoll in Jacksonville (former home of Cascade Christian High School). The annual single-day event has also grown this year to multiple days of celebration, Aug. 24 to 27.

“The festival celebrates the wonderful experiences we have around wine,” WOW Festival Coordinator Liz Wan said. “That ranges from sensory of the wine itself to food, entertainment, scenery and even the people with whom we’re sharing the experience. There’s a lot to discover at the World of Wine Festival. We couldn’t squeeze it all into a single day, so this year we’re expanding the celebration.”

Expanding the festival is part of a larger effort to brand southern Oregon’s wine region as a discovery destination for enthusiasts from Napa Valley, California to the Portland-Seattle region. Wine judges from England and South Africa will join notable American wine editors from Sunset and Mutineer magazines to rate southern Oregon wines.

The celebration will open with a cocktail reception on Aug. 24 and include a schedule of daily activities for wine enthusiasts and curiosity seekers alike. See for more information. A Friday evening gala dinner will lead into Saturday’s Grand Tasting finale, on the grassy grounds of the Bigham Knoll campus, with hundreds of attendees enjoying food, entertainment and wines produced in southern Oregon.

“Visitors to southern Oregon don’t often realize how uniquely situated this award-winning wine region is,” said Lee Mankin, who serves as chairman of the World of Wine Festival. “We want them to discover our world of wine and experience the extraordinary activities and attractions that make southern Oregon so special.”

This year’s festival is a collaboration of multiple wine organizations with an open invitation to merchants around southern Oregon to participate in a showcase of foods, entertainment, scenic attractions, adventures, lodging and lifestyles that revolve around the world of wine.

Visit for event tickets and more information.

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