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mountain_meadows_3Mountain Meadows is an award-winning 55+ retirement community in Ashland. Voted the “Best Small Active Retirement Community in America” by the National Council on Senior Housing and the National Association of Home Builders, Mountain Meadows is thoughtfully designed, solidly constructed and located on 27 acres of beautifully manicured lawns, trees and landscaping. The residents of Mountain Meadows enjoy year-round scenic views of Mt. Ashland while being only minutes away from downtown arts and entertainment. The residents take great care and pride in the community and ownership of a home or condominium is what makes the community unique. There is a fitness/wellness center with indoor pool, clubhouse, dining room, community garden and 4 acre park with pond – all amenities that the residents call their own. While many people in Ashland and Southern Oregon may be aware of Mountain Meadows, most have not had the opportunity to visit or may not be aware of what the community has to offer.

I visited the community to speak with the founder, Madeline Hill and Principal Broker, Linda Doren to learn more about this gem located right here in Ashland.

Madeline and Linda, thank you so much for speaking with me. The grounds are looking gorgeous!

Yes – this is a beautiful community! It is very well maintained by our residents and the owners association. This time of year, the community comes alive with color. We enjoy the trees and the colorful flower gardens; the deer that meander through the park and by the creek; the views of the surrounding hills and the city.

In last year’s interview, we learned more about the history of the community, so this year I would like to hear about the people who choose to live at Mountain Meadows. Who are they and what traits do they hold in common?

The residents of Mountain Meadows are retired physicians, engineers, musicians, artists, university professors, farmer/ranchers, homemakers, school teachers – and the list goes on. They all have incredible life stories and many have family right here in Ashland and Southern Oregon.

Madeline, I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on aging in place. You really have gone above and beyond to make this possible. Please tell us more.mountain_meadows_4

Well, aging in place is simply that – you can stay in your home or condominium as long as you desire to. Each property is designed with aging in mind – as we age our needs change. Each unit has been designed we designed the units to meet those needs. You can arrange for help as you need it but you stay in your own home in familiar surroundings.

Linda, the thoughtful layout and solid construction of the homes at Mountain Meadows is so evident. Will you point out some of these details to us?

Yes of course! As Madeline mentioned, the homes/condos are all Craftsman style with attention to details specifically designed to help residents age in place. There are raised dishwashers, elevated electrical outlets, phone jacks in bathrooms, slightly lower cabinets and countertops, extra wide hallways and interior doorways and much more. All properties are pre-wired for cable, phone and high speed internet. There are low, step-in showers with built-in seats and hand held showerheads – there are so many things here that help the residents stay in their homes longer.

Raised dishwashers?

Yes – they are 18” up from the kitchen floor with a storage drawer underneath. This helps prevent falls due to loss of balance when bending over too far. It also works beautifully in the event that a wheelchair becomes necessary.

Madeline, Mountain Meadows is different than most retirement communities because residents actually become owners of the community upon purchase. Is this correct?mountain_meadows_2

Yes it is correct. Ownership is one of the best things about Mountain Meadows. Owners enjoy quality built homes/condos and can sell them, leave them as part of their estate to their heirs or even rent them through Mountain Meadows Realty Property Management located on site. This community is owned and governed by the residents themselves. As an owner, you own part of the amenities in the community as well.

People choosing to live at Mountain Meadows come from all sorts of interesting backgrounds; lively barely begins to describe the level of engagement that occurs here.

The residents are engaged in committees as well as fitness and wellness activities and many serve on the board of directors for one of the various associations in the community. They are artists and authors who share their stories through their work. They are master gardeners; they turn the community garden into a masterpiece of color. There is always something happening here!

Linda, what types of homes are available for purchase in the Mountain Meadows community?

There are a total of 227 residential units – 66 single family homes and 161 condominiums. There are also 9 commercial condominiums located in various locations in the community. Properties range from small one bedroom condominiums to large 2400+ sq. ft. single family homes. Currently, there are only few condominiums available to sell but the availability list changes periodically.

Let’s talk about independence. This is a key value of the entire community.mountain_meadows_1

I like to call it “freedom.” We all have a desire to be independent and the design and layout of Mountain Meadows helps residents with their individual independence and freedom. As a resident, you are free to choose in so many aspects of your life – stay in your home and hire housekeepers, pet walkers; hire caregivers to assist as you require it – all the while you remain in control of your life. The goal is to encourage individual independence and a higher quality of life for those most in need.

Linda, what are some of the most common questions you receive from new people wanting to buy a home in Mountain Meadows?

Usually they ask if there are HOA fees or dues. The answer is yes. There are monthly dues and I go into details explaining what the dues cover and what is included. Another common question is how close are we to downtown Ashland? We are about 1.8 miles from the plaza in Ashland. Another question is do we ever have any rentals? The answer is yes. Periodically we have a property available to rent (the terms of the rentals vary).

Madeline, how do people at Mountain Meadows work together and support one another? Could you ever have imagined this when you first started?8_mountain_meadows

Mountain Meadows has far exceeded my expectations. The community is self-governed – there are no corporations. Residents elect the board of directors to represent them and continue with the sustainability of the community. Residents help one another in so many other ways. They provide moral and physical support to one another. They provide encouragement. They travel together and eat together in the Meadowlark Restaurant. It really is amazing!

Linda, I know you have said that the deciding factor for most people who are looking for the perfect place to retire is when they actually come out to visit. When should we come and visit?

Call us today to make an appointment for a tour of our community. We would welcome the opportunity to show you around Mountain Meadows and provide that first- hand experience I talked about. Madeline and I work together to do the tours and show the available properties. Simply call us at 541-482-1300 or 1-800-337-1301 – we are looking forward to sharing with you all the wonderful things about Mountain Meadows.

Anything new on the horizon for Mountain Meadows?

There are always new and exciting events and happenings in the communities. The best way to keep informed is to watch our website! “Aging is not a series of losses. It is a series of changing opportunities to expand and experience life in newer, fuller ways.”

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