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6_AneeashseahHi Aneeahseah, thanks so much for speaking with me today. How have you been since we last spoke?

Thank you… We did our last interview one year ago and it was a really great year for me. It has been a year of transitioning from offering one-on-one sessions to placing the work before a greater number of awaiting participants in more program offerings. Instead of traveling to additional destinations, I’ve focused upon Oregon and NY with the rest of training on Skype & Teleconferences. I traveled and taught in Rye, New York at the beautiful Wainwright House, where we were offered all proceeds to the 501c3 approved Organization, thus naming Wainwright our East Coast Spiritual home. In addition to the Open Houses there we offered the Dreams to Destiny one day workshop and a 2 day retreat, Modern Day Mystic, serving the many East Coasters seeking a path of awakening as ordinary people learning to BE the extraordinary, living their Soul’s earthly mission! We also named our local Event Spiritual home, the Ashland Springs Hotel, where we offered our Dreams to Destiny one-day workshop. In addition to the above programs we have been offering morning practices 5 days a week at our full-time spiritual home, The Invincible Heart Center in downtown Ashland. Across the world Skype/Teleconference-ers are enjoying easy access to our vast, profound and easily applicable body of wisdom. Then in late 2013, I suffered the loss of my mother. Though I am well versed in assisting folks transitioning from both sides of the veil, surprisingly for me this was a painful and deep experience. I needed some time to recover. I rested here in Ashland while continuing to work locally with clients and students. This year has been also a year of discerning what my people need and want in order to create the lives they want and deserve and how to best deliver that. I’ve turned the rest of 2014 into furthering the content delivery and completing my book: “Forgive First, Love Always!” All in all in all it has been an amazing and rewarding year and I am happy to continue both our dialogue and the dialogue with our community of readers!

I am sorry for your loss. I know how hard you work and I can only imagine that having some deep rest here in Ashland has been healing for you.

Thank you for that, Shields. Ashland was previously a place where I came home just to rest and rejuvenate. I’d go about the country working and then come home here to basically retreat from the world. Now returning to where my main program home is located is one of the great blessings in my life! I sincerely love this area and its peoples. For over 27 years I’ve called this area home and I cannot fathom ever wanting to live anywhere else. Since my interview last year I have made so many new and meaningful connections. From Locals Guide interviews, advertising columns and my ongoing open houses and programs, I have much greater community recognition and appreciation. Spending more time here I have developed many new friendships and my life is so richly blessed. When people meet me they remember how positive their interactions are with me and how these impact their lives. They know and believe after spending just a short period of time with me, that all this good my students and I enjoy is available for each person who is ready for a new, powerful, joyous, peaceful life free of obstacles, problems and sorrows with movement into their Soul’s perfect mission here and now.

I remember your story from the interview last year and have tracked that this has really been a large year of introduction for you. Where do see that we are going next?

Shields, what I want to begin to speak of next, is all about what I do. I think people have heard of me but don’t really know all that I have to offer, nor what it can do for them. I believe my life is a great example of the superbly, simply, ordinary “extraordinary” that we invite people to see of themselves. You see, the invincibility I speak of is all about the perfectly imperfect, the spectacularly simple; the individuals who have a desire for more but don’t yet know what that more is. We literally train our students who feel they are lacking life’s meaning and fulfillment, to clear their blocks leading to that accomplishment. Once cleared, they find what billions of folks have been searching for, and have rarely found, for their Entire Lives. In our world we speak of finding the magic in the science of everyday living; that place of Heaven on Earth, here and now. Imperfect as my (or any human’s) perfection is, I live openly revealing all so that those who study with me are able to see that no matter what we are dealing with, what is being healed or what difficulties they encounter, we are all capable of healing, succeeding and prevailing!!! Walking my talk is how it’s known in today’s vernacular. Basically we are arriving at the “proof that’s in the pudding.” People are having such remarkable results that they are the walking advertisements for the trainings and ensuing illumed life. Simply stated, we are entering the actualization of awakening to our Soul’s Mission!

I would love to hear more about this. In some ways I know of you but not exactly what you do. Can you give us a brief overview of some of the services you provide?Aneeashseah_1

In the “Forgive First, Love Always” vein, I specifically assist each person to discover what their true calling is. I do this in all programs I offer from private sessions to Seminars. To do this, I take them through processes of expansion from left-brain, logical thinking into right-brain, mystical, intuitive and assist in integrating the two into cohesive balance. From this place and utilizing guided Quantum Visualizations, we expand into the Fore Brain calling forth what we “Will” (Quantum for “want”). We then learn to transcend (meditate) the mind and go into unlimited states of timelessness, within time, where we give our Will over to the Great One (to whom we are distinctly connected to and one with) to deliver into our lives in a most extraordinary way. From there we look logically at what we believe is our obstacle to obtaining this “Will.” We utilize a technique coined “OII to Joy” (Outcome Is Intention) where we assess the emotional wins, both positive and negative, and of these wins, we choose what we want to keep in our lives and what we want to remove. There are easy-to-duplicate techniques that remove obstacles, immediately, and help us rebuild the keeps in an inspired way! We discern new ways to get the same emotional wins, Neuro-chemical transmissions and outcomes that produce the life we love but not the same obstacles! From the very first time they study with me, people report that their ability to live the life-they-love is significantly strengthened. They learn to assess their desires, their longings and as well as the reasons they believe they do not yet have what they are working to “attract.” They report all suddenly becomes crystal clear to them, understandable and they now feel armed and competent to invite the preferred transformations.

Would you mind sharing a recent testimonial from one of your clients with us?

I’d love to! A new student who is an extremely advanced transcendental meditator of over 40 years practice came to our one day program and had this to say: “I applied the teachings of the power-card you had us create and did the practice just as you taught it. I focused upon healing my relationship with a long estranged son of mine who had a very difficult perspective on our relationship. Suddenly, out of the blue, he contacted me. Since then we have phone conversations where previously he would not accept my calls. I traveled across country at his invitation and met his significant other for the first time ever. We enjoy a remarkable relationship now. I just did the simple practice you taught me and within four weeks, after decades of absence in each other’s lives, we are now a happy family again. I cannot thank you enough and I want everyone to know how real this work is and how beautifully it works if one will apply it! Thank you!”

Tell me about your workshop Dreams to Destiny… what a great title!

Thanks Shields. It is a great title. . . I love living Divinely Inspired! Listening is key to that inspiration. That’s known as evolving ourselves from the statement “that’s a great idea” and getting into full “commitment and action.” Briefly stated the course is a beginner course of Self-Realization and all the way to the most sophisticated teachings on the planet for meditations, quantum trainings and fundamentally breaking all the bad habits we decide to not want any more. We ask the participant to bring in their bag of dirty laundry. We help sort it into clean, folded, useable and also into the unwanted, discarded and no longer serving us, piles. We say: Divorce your old story; create your new Back Story and Marry your Truth. The participant collective consciousness and my ability to read their akashic records determines the way of each course. Participant Introductions, understanding why each one is there, explanations of how this work actually works, student self-induced Positive-State trainings, understanding and mastering how to allow each experience to be elevated to a higher understanding are some of the basics of the course. We spend generous, precious time practicing and Mastering the Work rather than just teaching it. We train it into our very core so that once we leave our program it is reproducible. We also train sacred symbols, images and single pointed focus techniques called Enlightenment Logos and Invincible Creation Cards. Mindfulness and creating from the state of ‘passion for’ rather than the karma creating reactive behaviors, such as fear and lack, are a big piece of the program’s focus and retraining. We utilize a Primary Law of the Invincible Universe “Outcome Is Intention” that cuts through years of searching for the never ending “why” of any difficulty and brings us to greater levels of Self-Realization and Mastery. I teach guided Quantum Visualizations, Transcendent meditations and Self Healing work known as “Trance Healing Remedies,” all designed for the practitioner to know the answer is within and attain their unique and perfect answer. Changing the inner world is a way that takes us from our human minds and into the timelessness of “beyond mind” states where we return knowing our True Selves at a much more intimate and trusting level. . .therefore Self-Empowerment! What it is not is a course for individuals who wish to continue to be at the mercy of anything else (aka victim) nor those who want to have no responsibility for their life as it is now. We study how to take the Work back into the world and make it a simple and joyous daily path. . .easy, peasy! People report leaving awakened, enlivened and awe-struck by the simple and simultaneously profound offerings.

Aneeashseah_7How about your local meditation classes? You personally have been meditating for over 40 years.

Yes Shields. Actually for 44 years, I have been practicing transcendent meditations and teaching master level programs for over 15 of those years. I am so privileged to have had meditation brought into my life. It is a fundamental and essential part of merging our Creator/Created Selves and living the lives we are destined to live. Meditating is both a great blessing to practice and additionally is sometimes seen as arduous to set into a dedicated commitment. Fully realizing the importance of this practice and its benefits and the support necessary to be successful in it, I created the 5 day per week Invincible Heart Center practices. I deliver a Satsang, instruct Quantum Guided Visualizations into creation process, instruct transcendent meditation and chant. . . it’s a beautiful way to create our lives just as we desire them! Just on Saturdays we are dedicated to chanting both the Lotus Sutra and Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for 45 minutes and all are welcome at no cost. All in our community are welcome to any or all mornings and there are more details on our website. Our locals join us at the Center and others enjoy the practices via Skype around the world.

I am struck to hear about the profound nature of your work. It seems to me that the passion you share for this experience we call life is so vast.

As I SO love this world, I consciously implement the practice of removal from obstacles and afflictions of human nature which causes me to live in the deepest and most profound levels of Love, Appreciation and Respect. I feel the profundity and sanctity of each simple breath. I honor the immense privilege to be in this life. All of this is the wellspring from which my True Nature emanates. Marveling at the gifts and practicing the Super Normal Power of Gratitude, brings sheer magic. At a dinner honoring my Lead Business Partner, Tricia De Felice, on the Applegate River this past week a little speckled fawn arrived on the deck and demanded to be loved. How could we not? His story was that he was pulled out of the river, cold and hurting and brought back to life by the owners of that establishment weeks earlier. He now lives with full run of the resort. What a perfect gift of God for the deer represents Divine Mother in all her Glory. Extra-ordinary, though simple, honoring produces the Extraordinary Life! When I placed myself into a modern-day monastic/ashram type lifestyle for over 25 years I went there to ostensibly find God. I have returned to this world I so love for I awakened to the understanding that God is everywhere, in all things, always was and always will be.

Aneeahseah, what are some fears or pre-conceived notions that might exist for people who initially come to work with you?

Well that’s another great question. Some folks are concerned that I am able to read them and their akashic records. They feel protective due to self-judgment, either known or unknown to them that way. I did come back from my death bed with those gifts and use them to present to the training the work best suited for participants. Some have concern that they will be judged if they do have the work and not practice it. Still others are unwilling to give over, to the higher light, what hurts and poisons them. As they judge they cling to this disturbance and become off balance and confused. They may think anything that is calling for a clearing and healing with them is an affront. Some believe that in order to heal, grow and awaken they must suffer. This is the most non-suffering program of enlightened freedom available today! And on a funnier note, some may think they’ve got to give their first-born and all of their money to work with The Invincibility Series, but that’s not ever a program we offer.

What is it like for you to witness so much love, to see profound change in people around the world?Aneeashseah_6

I weep when I walk amongst the world at large and realize the struggle and pain they endure and the remarkable happiness that is readily available to them IF they only knew the Invincibility Series Teachings or some such other form of “Forgiveness First, Love Always.” I marvel at the deep courage of humanity to keep on keeping-on, no matter the odds that they believe they live within. I dedicate my life to these people, from the most advanced to the most simple and innocent student. I believe that all of life is changed when we have at least 10% of folks who are truly awakened influencing our world population into the same awakening possibility. I see pure goodness in people, the truth of them and hold that vision as their birthright and as truly who and what they are right now. I will hold that vision till my final breath. I am truly, richly blessed to be here and now walking amongst the greatest people.

Aneeahseah, many might refer to you as mystic, shaman or psychic. How do you classify what you do?

I classify myself as a Mystic. Contained in that title are my 45 years of Shamanism and Spiritualism as which also include my Psychic and Empath gifts. I fully believe we are ALL psychic, mystical, Spiritual beings and my work is to evoke a natural calling from within you, to you, for your specific gifts, in each their unique emanations, to become known by you. We truly ARE all sourced at the same level of Pure Love at its highest emanation. As a Mystic, my job is to hold that vision purely and forever. I love my job!

Something that comes to my attention with you is that you are extremely positive. How have you taught yourself to orient this way and what do you share with others in regards to one’s thoughts creating one’s reality?

Simply stated, when I passed from my body at 17 years of age, God itself told me that my every thought, word, action and emotion caused the cancer that had ravaged my young body. I remember ‘practicing my own funeral’ at the ages of 13 to 17, over and over again, ripe with emotion, as I attempted to deal with a very difficult upbringing. I took this God-Lesson very, very seriously, and literally! Have I mentioned I’m a literalist? I wholly entered into a Quantum world understanding this Truth at the most elemental levels of my existence. Though I had not formerly studied Quantum physics until recently, my whole path has been one of cognizing it, living it remarkably and powerfully. So, I thought, I have a choice. God’s gonna send me either good stuff or really not good stuff, all designed by my thoughts, emotions, words and actions. So, I discovered, designed and delivered a program of helping myself and all others change from negative Nells to positive powerful people. Come find out for yourself! It works! It’s called the Invincibility Series.

Every day you receive love notes from people around the world. Would you tell us a little bit about the origin of these letters?Aneeashseah_4

Yes! The letters are from my students. In addition to spontaneous testimonials, these love letters are born from the heart of what the Invincibilite (a practitioner of invincibility/The Work) is experiencing in their world due to their application of The Work. The origin of the letters I will speak about here is an accountability exercise where my students are asked to rise to the occasion of their goodness and discover how brilliant both they and their world is! One of many different challenges is asking them to search for three new visions of beauty in their lives every day and send an email to me telling of what they found. Their responses have been remarkable. Their lives, they say, have much more meaning and joy as they are on their beauty scavenger-hunt!!! One gentleman whose life had previously been so harsh, tight and gloomy before he began The Work, reported so many sightings of rarefied beauty that his world literally changed. He stated that he realized that while I had him looking for beauty that the whole day became an expectation of locating all that is beautiful to him and so it did become just that!!! I offer this same opportunity to you, the reader, that for seven days, discover each day, three or greater new beautiful findings and send in your findings and experience each day, to When you have completed seven days of beauty finding you’ll have a complimentary ½ hour consultation with me (a $135.00 value). That in itself can be one of the ‘new’ beauties that you find! This is my “Remember to be a Good/God finder!!!” teaching. Be that, look for that and your life will be overfilled with joyousness!

What begins to change for individuals when they undertake such an experience?

People begin to perceive their lives through a different lens. The old saying is that the glass is half-full rather than half-empty. This training, one of over 50 to choose from, causes them to begin to marry affirmative emotion to intention. This is the attraction factor for positive change. Each time there is a positive change in their perception realization they make new neuro-pathways to that success and soon these repeated expectations of good become a habit, the habit becomes our personality. We are made up of all of our conditioning, our mental state of awareness, our 400 billion bits of information that bombards us each second and the remaining 2,000 bits that are kept retrievable, each second, in our awake consciousness. The remaining bits still rule us unless we take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and begin in earnest to retrain our minds. Once we have retrained our minds, we produce the outcomes we say we desire. Some students call it being in the Flow, others call it living in Heaven on Earth. I call it living beyond the Human Potential into the mysticism and magic of our brilliant lives.

Living a day to day existence can seem like a very non-spiritual experience for many. How can we change this so we might be able to see the magic in every moment?Aneeashseah_3

This Invincibility Series tenet speaks so well to that question: “My Life IS my Spiritual Path. . . my Spiritual Path IS my Life!” As such, if we will put the “specialness” into each act we perform, our every breath, each step we take so that if we were indeed honoring our everyday life just as we do a special occasion, the remarkability factor rears its beautiful head! In addition, as you know, I teach transcendent meditation. In meditation we leave the reality of our personal box of “what is” and cleanse and bathe the Mind in the Purity of Love’s pure transcendent state producing a life of wonder and magic.

Ok, let’s jump back to the every day. What are three things you are doing for yourself this summer as a way of self-nurturing and care?

That’s another great question! Shields, as a practitioner and teacher of many forms of meditation, yoga, kryas and the like, I find my life is all about nurturing each and every day. In addition, I love to travel to the mountains, lakes and forests. I take delight in the beauty of our most remarkable scenery. I enjoy taking the time to retreat to my favorite mineral springs hotel locally and enjoy those waters and massage. We live in an area so rich in rewarding activities. I am/we are, SO blessed!

How about your favorite restaurant to go to when friends are visiting from out of town?

OMG!!! Really, there are sooooooooo many. When I want a little connection to my Italian heritage, I find myself enjoying Pasta Piatti. When I want to enjoy organic and take away, the Co-op is my place. When I want farm to fork in an ambiance where I feel known and love the food, I enjoy Larks. When it’s burger-day. . . the Loft takes the prize. Again, what blessing.

Aneeashseah_2Funniest pronunciation of your name. I can only ask this question because my entire life has been about people thinking my first name (Shields) was my last name.

Funny you say? Well, mostly people just stop, gasp for air, eyes looking around for a way to understand and then say any version of a number of pronunciations. I always say that when I am waiting at offices where they do not yet know me I can tell when it’s my turn by the l-o-n-g pause taken whilst the person is contemplating how to say my name. When I see the long pause I will often say, are you looking for Aneeahseah (pronounced Ah-nah-seeya)? Many just refer to me as Ms. Lefler. . . a really easy way to avoid embarrassment. LOLOL!

I love our conversation because it seems that the spirituality and magic are simply a part of everyday life. How can you relate this to the topic of enlightenment?

I love the topic of enlightenment. There is SO much talk, dissection, taboo and fear-mongering about what must be done to reach this seemingly illusive state. NOT illusive! To the Invincible Heart Teachings, it means living fully Free. Freedom from the trials and tribulations of the rigors of the conditioned mind. This is where the practice of forgiveness comes into play. What is forgiven, is given in love. Enlightenment is: In-light-I-meant. The I, as in the I Am of Divinity, speaks to the true nature of the reason we are here. IF, and the operative word here is IF, I/we get to bring the light into any/every situation we begin to see through those lenses I spoke of above. The enlightened human is one who naturally lives, through re-training the conditioned mind, into the habit of Good/God mind. They spend time in the timeless zone (transcendent meditation), bringing it through habit into its personality, second-nature/innate expression, thus revealing all that is profound, joyous, peaceful, zeal-full and rich beyond measure! People think, just as I once did, that to enlighten one must sequester away, live by all the rigors of difficult and time consuming practices, unhappy, diligent and not living what is called for by the heart. In actuality the Modern Day Mystics live innately bringing each experience into a higher unfolding of the God-Self. Giving up nothing. Having it all! All our earthly desires bring about our Enlightenment & Freedom. So Be That!! I love that this question!

I know you have so much to offer. How can someone learn more about what you have to offer? When is your next open house and what classes do you have coming up?Aneeashseah_6

My website will detail all the programs coming up. Having built a student group near my family back East, right now I’m off to Rye, NY to teach. When I return, I am hosting a casual, content-rich and awakening Open House in the Ashland Library on the evening of August 6th. Be sure to attend AND register with a friend for a chance at drawing the free ticket to the Workshop on August 16th at the beautiful Ashland Springs Hotel. We have practices Wednesday through Sunday mornings at our downtown location, the Invincible Heart Center 320 East Main Street, 3rd floor in Ashland. Call to reserve your space for these remarkable gems of Satsang, Guided Quantum Visualization, ”The Field Harvests”, transcendent Meditation and Chanting. These mornings are precious with great wisdom, practice and encouragement. Joining by Skype is also an option for those who prefer to attend from their own homes. Monthly we host a world-wide teleconference and Skype session that our locals may also attend in person if they like. These are the first Monday of each month for 1.5 hours. There is much content, support, love and awakening offered in these inspired sessions. Finally, for the discerning student we also have private sessions with Aneeahseah. My great appreciation for your time and interest in our remarkable Invincibility Series. Thank you! Remember: Love what You Do, Do what You Love! All the rest is simple. Want more information? Get registered.

Learn More: Invincibility Series 320 East Main St. Suite #300 Ashland 541 708-5722

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