Your Brain on Mushrooms

I recently had an experience that I would like to share in hopes that it might benefit you. A few years ago, I suffered a post-concussive, stroke-like event. I say “stroke-like” because it was not a stroke per se; it was caused by a blood sugar spike and crash after a head injury. A gerontologist colleague, Dr. Sandra Petersen, says, “People can lose memory very quickly due to blood sugar dysregulation. They can even develop dementia-like symptoms overnight.”

The loss of memory I sustained was challenging because it was only partially helped by neurofeedback. After I resolved the underlying blood sugar issue and got my A1C back to normal (I changed my diet and increased exercise) it was recommended that I try mushrooms. I used Host Defense BrainTM formula capsules and I also used their Lion’s ManeTM powder. It’s flavorless, so I blended it in my morning matcha with collagen protein and MCT oil. I also took a niacin pill to increase circulation. There are biochemical reasons why these things worked together, but suffice it to say that I’m having access to memories that I thought I had permanently lost. Some clients claim they notice an “immediate difference” when they take the Host Defense BrainTM formula. This is just my story. Please do your research and figure out what works for you. You are a unique, bio-individual and there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to optimizing your brain function.  

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