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7 Plants You Don’t Want to Miss

Our perennials, herbs and annuals are quickly becoming sized up and available for planting in your gardens.   A lot of customers are searching for something to plant in their beds or containers to help brighten up their homes.  A few go-to items are now ready and typically sellout fast, and for good reason – garden performance and versatility. 

For perennials, I often recommend lamium, sedum, erysimum, and euphorbia.  They are all very versatile and can be planted in pots now, then planted in beds later.  I often suggest doing this if your pots are looking a little sad and in need of a boost.  The winter can take its toll on planters, so don’t hesitate to pull out what isn’t looking good and throw something in to temporarily spruce them up until you’re ready to plant them for summer.  The great thing about lamium, sedum, erysimum, and euphorbia is they’re primarily foliage plants that look good all year, so there’s no waiting for them to flower before they look their best.  They also all look stunning together as well as individually.  They complement each other by offering a different texture, growth habit, and color to your beds or containers.  Although lamium is primarily grown as a shade groundcover, it can also be grown in containers in full sun during the winter months.  It is definitely one that would need to be transplanted out of the containers and into a more suitable spot for summer. 

Our early spring color for annuals like pansies, primroses, and cyclamen are always great to add color.  They’ll look good all spring, and can then be replaced with summer annuals later.  Cyclamen can actually survive multiple years if planted in areas protected from afternoon sun and harsh winter winds. Come see us for all of these options, plus new additions growing every day.


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