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Oregon’s Banana Belt

You’ll find more banana slugs than bananas in Oregon’s Banana Belt—along with majestic redwoods, rocky sea stacks, pristine beaches, and the charming town of Brookings. Hot Spots: “Banana Belts” exist all over the world; the term describes any region that has a warmer climate than the surrounding area. Oregon’s Banana Belt is centered in Brookings […]

The Bigfoot Trap

By NewmanImages Today, the Bigfoot Trap can be reached via a short hike into the forest above Applegate Lake. But when the structure was built nearly 40 years ago, there was no road, dam or lake up there. Just wilderness. And the men who built the trap really expected to catch Sasquatch! History. In 1969, […]

Ashland’s Fairy Ponds

By NewmanImages Above Lithia Park is a short public trail along a gorgeous section of Ashland Creek that provides shade in the summer and solitude in the winter. Finding the Fairy Ponds is easy. (Finding actual fairies, however, is a bit more difficult.) From Lithia Park, take Winburn Way until it ends. Then turn right […]

The Rogue’s Mightiest Waterfalls

By NewmanImages Prospect State Scenic Viewpoint encompasses one of the most incredible sections of the entire Rogue River. Only an hour north of Medford, this system of easy trails will lead you to some of the grandest views southern Oregon has to offer. Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls: The Rogue’s two highest waterfalls on one short trail! Drive north […]

Crater Lake’s Grand Canyons

By NewmanImages The Pinnacles and Godfrey-Glen trails would be the star attractions most anywhere else, but because these two picturesque canyons are located below the famous Rim Drive in southern Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park, most people miss them on their way up to the lake. But both trails are short and easy…and jaw-droppingly beautiful. […]

Escape to Hart Mountain

By NewmanImages Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge sits atop a massive plateau that rises 3,600 feet over southern Oregon’s remote Warner Valley. It’s located 200 miles due east of Ashland, so plan to spend a day or two camping (or you can stay in Lakeview). Head up in September and October when there are fewer […]

On Top of Mt. Ashland

By NewmanImages In the summertime, while the Ski Area is quiet, the rest of Mt. Ashland becomes a haven for hikers, bikers, runners, campers, and birders. It’s also a great place to take an afternoon drive. You’re only 45 minutes from the highest point in an entire mountain chain! A Confluence of Nature: The Siskiyou […]

The Table Rocks in Spring

By NewmanImages Rising above the northern banks of the Rogue River near Central Point, Upper and Lower Table Rocks will transport you to a land that time forgot. The valley below disappears and you find yourself wandering among carpets of spring wildflowers and lichen-covered lava rock, all surrounded by distant mountains. Hike out to the […]

The Japanese Garden in Spring

By NewmanImages There’s no doubt that springtime in Ashland is incredibly beautiful. And nowhere is that beauty more concentrated than in the Japanese Garden in Lithia Park. Over the next few months the colors will erupt like popcorn until the entire Garden is bathed in yellows, pinks, purples, greens and a thousand hues in between. […]

Mossbrae: The Forbidden Waterfall

By NewmanImages Mossbrae Falls is so close and yet so far away. Only 85 miles south of Ashland in Dunsmuir, California, it’s like a little slice of Hawaii in the shadow of Mt. Shasta. Sue and I were lucky enough to visit Mossbrae in October 2010. Little did we know that the only trail to […]

Frost and Fog in Ashland

After the beauty of autumn fades away, and the trees are bare and the hills pale, Ashland and the Rogue Valley–while still pretty–are not at their most photogenic. But there is one winter weather condition that we drop everything for and grab our cameras: hoar frost. From November to March, when the conditions are just right, these spiky ice crystals cover everything in sight. And when the hoar frost is accompanied by fog, an otherwise mundane scene is suddenly transformed into a delicate, ethereal landscape. Here are some of our favorite hoar frost images from the past few years.

Crater Lake In Winter

By NewmanImages Winter in Oregon’s only National Park offers up one of Earth’s most breathtaking vistas. A lot of locals don’t even know that Crater Lake is open year-round. Or they think it’s only accessible via snowplow, ski, or dog sled. But the National Park Service does its best to keep the road to the […]