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It’s the time of year we start getting phone calls to see if we are open. The answer is YES, we are open year round only taking a break from just before Christmas to New Year.  We have a great selection of pansies and perennials for winter color and will soon have thousands of poinsettias as the holidays approach.  Don’t forget to carefully monitor your watering over the winter months.  It is very important that you do not overwater your plants and that you check the soil moisture first to see if they truly need water. 

???Poinsettia Time???

This is an exciting time at the greenhouses as the Poinsettias are really starting to come into color. They started changing color in mid-October.  Since they require 12 hours of darkness to change color it is very important we don’t have any light pollution during the night.  We aren’t located in town so we don’t have to worry about street lights or other artificial light sources.  If you have a poinsettia that you’ve managed to keep alive from last year you’ll want to make sure it is getting 12 hours of darkness without any light interruption.  By that I mean you can’t have poinsettias in a room you turn the lights on and off after sunset.  I recommend putting them in a separate room that doesn’t get used or where you can leave the lights off at night.  They like lots of sunlight during the day and then once the sun goes down no light until sunrise.  We start shipping them out around the middle of the month and I highly recommend coming to see the bright colors before they fly out the doors.  I think the best week to stop by and see them is the week of November 14th.  Everyone is always welcome to come by with your camera and take some shots of these interesting plants during business hours. 

The best time to buy your Poinsettia is at our annual Poinsettia Festival. We’ll have all the Poinsettias on display, festive music, staged photo areas, local vendors, prizes, and more. Our festival this year is Saturday, Nov. 26th, 2016 from 10:00am-4:00pm, bring the family!

Happy Gardening,

Kelly Brainard

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Ashland Greenhouses

Ashland Greenhouses is located at 650 E Ashland Lane just off of Butler Creek Road in Ashland. We are open daily. Please visit our website or give us a call to learn more.

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