Fuel Movie Debuts in Rogue Valley Mar. 12th

Local Biodiesel Panel Debuts Sundance-Award Winning Documentary “FUEL” 
Thursday MARCH. 12th 2009 (Movie Debut 6pm)(Expert Panel 8pm) 
South Medford High School Little Theater 
815 South Oakdale Ave. 

& Monday MARCH 16th, at SOU (same times for movie and panel) 

Josh Tickell’s Sundance Award-winning documentary “FUEL” will be premiered by the South Medford Biodiesel Club on Thursday March 12th at 6pm in the South Medford High School Little Theater. Following Southern Oregon’s first screening of this groundbreaking movie, a panel of biofuels experts will answer audience questions. Josh Tickell is the author of the classic text “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank”, and has spent the last year producing a brand new look at the biofuel industry and how America can reach energy independence ( SMH Biodiesel Club, Rising Phoenix Biofuels and Rogue Biofuels will be sponsoring the event and the expert panel will also include Oregon’s most sustainable biodiesel producers from Klamath Falls and Salem. Free door prizes, stickers, and lots of information will be available for anyone interested in learning more about biodiesel, biofuels, and Oregon’s Renewable Fuel Standard. 2009 will see the introduction of B2 mandates across the state, and this movie will help to educate the general public about the incredible opportunities available in this new industry. Together, we can clean the air and water for our children, use recycled waste products to fuel our vehicles, and support the domestic economy of the United States, all with our choice of “FUEL”. Never before shown in Southern Oregon, everyone is invited to this free educational event. Whether you drive a diesel vehicle or not, this film is sure to broaden your perspective on biofuels, and counters many of the urban myths about starving people to feed cars. The pros and cons of biofuel development are important for us all to learn if we are going to transition to a renewable domestic fuel without hurting the most needy segments of our population. Bring your kids along too. Snacks will be provided by, and donations will be accepted for the SMH Biodiesel club, to help them organize future events. Come support the youth of our community as they teach us about FUEL. 

Biodiesel is a completely biodegradable, non-toxic, fuel derived from plants. The glycerin is removed via a simple chemical process, producing an ASTM-certified fuel that surpasses all modern engine requirements. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions, comes from a variety of local crops, and can even be produced from algae, or recycled cooking oil. Rising Phoenix Biofuels ( is Oregon’s first biodiesel station, the first on the I-5 to change the signage laws to accept biodiesel, the only 24-hour biodiesel in the state, and now the West Coast’s most affordable biodiesel. Rogue Biofuels is a local biodiesel producer that uses recycled and locally grown canola oil in the most sustainable geothermal-powered commercial production facility on the West Coast. While there is much debate about growing corn for ethanol and soy for biodiesel, noone can deny the economic, environmental, and social benefits of using a “waste” product to fuel our engines. Rogue Biofuels welcomes interested businesses and is always looking for more oil collection accounts ( Rising Phoenix Biofuels encourages fleets and municipalities to make the switch to low biodiesel blends before the state mandate requires it in 2009. We can help answer any questions or concerns about biodiesel. 


For more information or to schedule an interview please call
David Tourzan of Rising Phoenix Biofuels (541) 324-6695

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Rising Phoenix Biofuels is Oregon's First Biodiesel Station that does not serve gasoline. We are not a gas station, and we are committed to sustainable choices in all our business decisions. If you are travelling from Washington to California, or passing by on the I-5, please stop by and share in this growing market for alternative fuels. We have a beautiful location with a creek, meadow for picnics, organic gardens, nursery, and eco-building warehouse. Come spend a few hours learning about the future of sustainable business, and see a practical application of 21st century technologies.

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