Ashland Sanitary & Recycling Cleans Up Southern Oregon with Biodiesel

Ashland Sanitary & Recycling has become Southern Oregon’s first and largest fleet running completely on biodiesel blends. By replacing all 26 of their diesel vehicles with cleaner-burning 20% biodiesel (B20), they have helped to clean 15,000 pounds of greenhouse gasses a month from Rogue Valley skies. In a year, that’s the same as taking 17 cars off the road, importing 186 less barrels of overseas oil, or 27 tons of waste out of the landfill.


Beginning with a few vehicles at a time, they now have 22 on-road, and 4 off-road vehicles running completely on biodiesel blends. Using Medford Fuel’s Exit 19 location off the I-5 reduces costs, fueling time, and toxic byproducts. Manager Russ Chapman says, “We love the ease of transition to a domestically-produced, cleaner-burning fuel, and it smells like french fries. It is a natural fit for a company that’s been cleaning up the Rogue Valley for over 50 years to help clean our air too.” Ashland Sanitary also offsets 100% of its electricity use by purchasing green tags through the Ashland Renewable Pioneers program and Pacific Power Blue Sky.

Ashland Sanitary & Recycling has partnered with Medford Fuel & Rising Phoenix Biofuels who provide ASTM certified biodiesel blends, product testing, technical expertise, and promotional support for customers and fleets. Their Phoenix location has reduced over 4 million pounds of CO2 which is the equivalent of taking 238 passenger cars off the road for one year, or importing 2,500 less barrels of oil from overseas.


Biodiesel blends like B20 have over 1,000,000 miles of federal fleet testing and EPA analysis, and are used across the country instead of #2 petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from vegetable oils like soy, canola, and even algae grown right here in America. It can be used in any diesel vehicle, truck, heavy equipment, and even home heating systems. The next time you fill your diesel vehicle, choose the only American-made fuel in town. A good place for consumers to look is, which only lists ASTM-certified biodiesel sources.

Rising Phoenix Manager, David Tourzan is glad to see another business who supports American fuel, “We are always looking to expand people’s use of domestic fuel, and converting business fleets is an important way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We don’t care who they buy their biofuel from, as long as they are helping clean up toxins from our children’s air and water. We will help any fleet manager clean up their exhaust.”


For more information or to schedule an interview please call

David Tourzan (541) 324-6695 or Marv Terry (541) 601-1269
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Rising Phoenix Biofuels is Oregon's First Biodiesel Station that does not serve gasoline. We are not a gas station, and we are committed to sustainable choices in all our business decisions. If you are travelling from Washington to California, or passing by on the I-5, please stop by and share in this growing market for alternative fuels. We have a beautiful location with a creek, meadow for picnics, organic gardens, nursery, and eco-building warehouse. Come spend a few hours learning about the future of sustainable business, and see a practical application of 21st century technologies.

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