Local Fuel Saves You Money

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January 11th , 2010

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Local Fuel Saves You Money & Invests in Oregon Economy


Everyone knows that buying local products is better for the U.S. economy, but now diesel drivers in the Rogue Valley can save money too. Local biodiesel ($2.89) now costs less than petroleum diesel ($2.99) in Southern Oregon. With Rogue Valley diesel prices recently climbing to an average of $2.99 a gallon, local biodiesel retailers are finally at a price advantage. Rising Phoenix Biofuels uses Oregonian fuel for the conscientious consumer and any diesel driver on a budget.


To save even more, consumers can get a 10 cent off coupon online ( and a 50 cent per gallon tax rebate from the State of Oregon. All biodiesel sold at retail pumps is ASTM certified under strict national standards, and other biodiesel stations can be found at


Stephen Jaramillo, Rising Phoenix Manager states, “We are proud to offer the West Coast’s most affordable biodiesel, allowing people to save money and invest in the local, domestic economy at the same time”. As another pickup truck pulls away he adds, “Our free local delivery and new high speed dispenser make us a quick and easy way to fill all your biodiesel needs. The City of Medford, Ashland Sanitary, and Raintube Inc. all use our convenient, affordable, fleet services.” He uses the local fuel in his own Sprinter van, as well as for the tractor and forklift they use at the store, and says, “it smells like fries”.


Biodiesel can be used in all diesel engines, including motor boats, heavy equipment, RV’s, freight trucks, and even home heating. It can be extracted from a variety of renewable sources including Canola, Soy, Algae, and even recycled oils from Kettle Chips’ plant in Salem. Sequential Biofuels produces the most locally recycled biodiesel in Oregon ( The State of Oregon has mandated the use of 2% biodiesel in all retail diesel sold in the state, and plans to increase that mandate to 5% domestically produced fuel. Extensive EPA testing shows decreased pollution and improved lubricity and cetane from the use of biodiesel blends. We can all save some money, and help improve our children’s future by simple choices of local fuel.



For more information or to schedule an interview please call David Tourzan (541)324-6695 or email

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Rising Phoenix Biofuels is Oregon's First Biodiesel Station that does not serve gasoline. We are not a gas station, and we are committed to sustainable choices in all our business decisions. If you are travelling from Washington to California, or passing by on the I-5, please stop by and share in this growing market for alternative fuels. We have a beautiful location with a creek, meadow for picnics, organic gardens, nursery, and eco-building warehouse. Come spend a few hours learning about the future of sustainable business, and see a practical application of 21st century technologies.

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