Just Back From Tulum, Mexico

Wow! snow in Ashland today!. I just got back from two weeks in Tulum Mexico. Here's my travel overview part 1.

If you are looking for a nice escape from the cold weather you might want to consider Tulum, Mexico. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, you will find white sand beaches with dense jungle and unique wildlife.

If you catch a flight into Cancun, you can then easily catch a bus for around $8 to Tulum. Getting from the airport to the bus station is a bit of a hassel.. we ended up paying about $18 for a shuttle into the town center.

A taxie was around $40 and you are kinda at the mercy of the lack of availability… but once you are in town its a differnt story.

Hotel Colonial

We stayed over night at a simple hotel called Hotel Colonial. It cost $35 with air conditioning and $30 without. It's clean and pretty quite. I would recommend it as an inexpensive place to stay in Cancun.

You can see it here: The photo above of the fountain is at the hotel. This was the best looking part of the hotel but it works!

The first class bus is probably the best and easiest way to travel. What better than to kick back and watch a good Kung Fu Movie… yeah they play movies on the bus!

Tulum is about the size of Talent, and has a central strip of tourist spots and restaurants. However if you want to rent a bike and ride around you can really get to some interesting areas in the town.

We stayed at a little house my wife rented on the internet which cost us around $60 a night. Unfortunately it was right next to a disco so we it was very noisy but other than that it was nice to have a kitchen to cook in and a bit more space to stretch out.

We did find some really prime and affordable hotels around the beach, specifically Cabanas Tulum was decent enough to have a front seat at a reasonable cost… plus warm shower water. Cost was actually $50 a night.

The actual town is not on the beach so you have to take a taxie out to the beach strip. The average cost is $4 each way. We went to the fisherman's beach a few times.

This was a really mellow place to take kids, small waves and of course clear blue water with white sand.

Now my favorite hotel was this Italian hotel / Restaurant called Nero di Sole!!

These guys deserve an award for cleanliness as well as making the best seafood lasagna I have ever had. This place was a deal for $40 a night and that even included the toilet seat on the toilet.

No Joke! Just make sure you wash your hands alot and take it all in stride.

A really fun thing to do is to go snorkling. We rented a boat and went out to the reef. The water is about 9-12 feet deep and once you are out there it is absolutely amazing. The cost was around $30 but you could probably just buy yourself a little $5 raft and float out there. The reef is only about 50 feet out in some areas.

Fish abound, as well as large undwater coral formations, plants and more. Anyhow if you are thinking you may want to go to Tulum, send me an email and I would be happy to share more with you. It's easy and fun… DO IT!

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