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Happy New Year!

Hear Ye Hear Ye, Jupiter the planet of expansion has entered Capricorn and will last until January 2009. Jupiter a kind of cosmic Santa Claus: generous, optimistic, excessive, showy, opinionated, passionate and boastful.  Jupiter comes around to visit each sign about every twelve years so this is a big deal!

Below is a brief summary on how Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn will affect you, based on your sun signs. If you know your ascendant sign, read that forecast too. Enjoy!

Aries – Jupiter gives you the green light in the area of career and work. You can achieve a great deal in 2008 if you are willing to work hard. You will have options. Some Rams may find their dream job. (I’m talking to you Laura, Brita).

Taurus – This is the best year to travel; especially to foreign countries. It’s time to take action and go get that certificate or degree that you have been dreaming about. 

Gemini – Keep saying to yourself “I Allow” and watch the benefits flow from other people in the coming year. (Are you listening Michael?) This is one of your “money years” and it is likely to come from other sources, rather than work.

Cancer – Jupiter brings in supportive relationships and happiness in current ones. For many of you marriage is the next step. Don’t forget to invite me. You will form new beneficial business partnerships.

Leo – You will enjoy many of your co-workers. New job opportunities will come your way especially in the health or service industry. An old acquaintance returns, pay attention.

Virgo – Your relationships with your children if you have any will be joyous. You could be lucky at prizing winning or if you play games of chance. Romance is in the air, so breath it in Virgo. A new hobby will bring you much pleasure.

Libra – Real estate matters will favor you. If you are thinking about buying, selling, renting, remodeling, moving or even purchasing a vacation home, your chances are excellent for doing so. Much calmer home life.  

Scorpio – Short trips will do you well. You are opening to new vistas. This year you will have the opportunity to purchase a new vehicle. Your strained relationships with siblings will improve.

Sagittarius – Your big money year is here. A new unexpected source creates a cash flow. You will spend a lot of money but overall you will maintain a financial balance. 

Capricorn – This is your year to shine! Jupiter is visiting Capricorns making you the luckiest of all signs. Open your arms to receive for many blessings will come your way.

Aquarius – Good things are coming your way. You have not been forgotten. People from the past will come back into your life (that you will be pleased to see!). Your angels are lining up to support you in the year ahead!

Pisces – People will be lining up to help you. Jupiter is moving through the friendship sector of your solar chart, many blessings come from your social contacts. (Read up Josh) One of your fondest hopes or wishes stands a good chance of coming true.

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Lots of Love, Linda


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