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Preparing for Summer!

Summer is just about here! We have some great options coming up for summertime bloomers here at Ashland Greenhouses. Coreopsis is a wonderful addition to any garden. We have a wide variety of coreopsis to choose from. ‘Enchanted Eve’ will surprise you with its golden blooms and bright red rings. ‘Shades of Rose’ has blush red tones that blend into a buttery yellow center. ‘Golden Sphere’ has fluffy pom pom flowers that will definitely delight. All of our coreopsis will bring your garden color up until fall. They are also perennials, so they simply need to be cut back come winter, and they will be ready to go again next year! Once established, coreopsis is an excellent drought-tolerant plant. 

Speaking of drought-tolerant, we have quite a few sedums to choose from as well. Sedum is an excellent desert plant that does well in a variety of climates. The ‘Sunsparkler’ varieties are particularly stunning. These are also great plants to use in a drought-tolerant landscape. They have unique foliage that stands alone very well, but they have the added perk of flowering for a brief period to give a pop of color! Have you checked out our succulents? Now that frost is behind us, these cool cacti-like plants can go directly outside to add some character to a deck, window box, patio table, or directly in the ground! These have been really popular this year, and some varieties are going fast, so definitely come by to check them out.

Your vegetable gardens are probably all planted up by now. Don’t forget to fertilize for maximum yields and healthy plants and fruits! We have organic fertilizer options by G&B, and we also have this really great and easy to use water-soluble fertilizer called Jack’s Blossom Booster. 

Hope to see you soon!

Sarah Messenger

Retail Manager

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Ashland Greenhouses

Sarah Messenger, Store Manager of Ashland Greenhouses. Ashland Greenhouses is located at 650 E Ashland Lane just off of Butler Creek Road in Ashland. We are open daily. Please visit our website or give us a call to learn more: 541-482-2866

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