All A Matter of Perspective

Sometimes when we are so determined and focused on an aspect of our lives we operate more like a horse with blinders on and less like humans.  There can be the most magnificent sunset but when we sit inside in our living room that beauty isn’t as clear or breathtaking. It is so important to challenge ourselves to take off those blinders, to really be present in the moment so we can see a different perspective. Sometimes this means we need to surround ourselves with those that will help bring out the best in us.

It goes without saying that perspective is an instrumental piece in the real estate world. As Realtors we have a complete and total perspective of the current trends and demands in today’s market.  We have the experience and intimate knowledge of what a certain property feels like, the condition it is in, the value and how it is impacted by other homes. We also get to know our clients and can evaluate their needs, current situation, etc. without the emotional twist that many buyers and sellers incorporate into their decision making process.

On numerous occasions, we have interacted with buyers who feel so discouraged about a property they “missed out on.”  Today’s real estate market is moving so quickly the average days on market is less than 39.  In diving deeper into our clients needs and goals of what their new home will provide, we sometimes find that the home they had in mind wouldn’t have been the best fit. On paper things often make a lot of sense, but when we look more subjectively at something, apply less emotion, and more practical knowledge, it just might not be the best choice after all.

A skilled and experienced real estate agent will spend time with you and really get to the bottom of why you’re selling or buying. All those intimate details can really help the client in the long run. Just last week, we were explaining to a client of ours that buying an $800k home in Ashland was probably not the wisest move. We had spent enough time with her to know she already owned a few homes and that  an Ashland property would only be a part time residence for her. Her true needs, not to mention her pocketbook’s needs, were better suited with something under $600k. It would give her long-term flexibility to travel and spend time in various places. She could have her cake and eat it too. We just needed to introduce her to a different kind of cake.

We find the same to be true for Sellers. In some situations it makes more sense for a client to remodel their current home then to buy something else. But in order for your agent to really be able to guide you, they (we) need intimate details about your dreams and how you operate financially. This deeper connection is really the greatest value in the service we provide. For anyone who has worked with us or interviewed us for their listing, this alone is one of the many reasons we really do harp on finding the right agent to fit your needs and one that you feel comfortable sharing with. Our primary goal is to bring joy to this chapter of your life. We are in a rare and unique position where we get to ride along side you through your journey. We have felt honored to be a part of each of those journeys and humbled by the trust extended to us. Many clients leave a lasting impression on our lives. Together we have seen careers and families grow and prosper while at other times tragedy strike.

I am grateful for those who have changed my perspective when I have been through moments of trial. From simple things like talking me out of upgrading my car when the one I have runs perfectly well or those who have spoken words of encouragement to me as a mother when I felt like I was failing miserably. As your journey continues may you find the best sounding boards. And more so, may that sounding board not always echo the exact words you already spoke.

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