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It’s no secret among the real estate community we tend to beat to our own drum. It has served us well over the years, providing a great sense of balance throughout our personal and professional lives. But as we head into the tail end of 2019 and reflect on our many blessings, we have come to appreciate the spaciousness this industry has provided for us, as well as, our colleagues.

Physical properties – homes, land, commercial buildings – they really aren’t the meat of our business. Our relationships with those who cross our paths, and how we foster those relationships really are instrumental.

This December marks DeAnna’s 20th anniversary in real estate, and while it’s not always rainbows and unicorns, we can honestly say we have been in the fortunate position to massage this business in such a way that it reflects what is important to us while also providing the level of service we desire for clients. We have learned the value of being relational versus transactional, and it’s taken us to levels we never thought were possible.

At the John L Scott convention last month, we participated in a Top Producer Panel, and while we have always known we were unique in our approach of deciding who we work with, why, and how, it was another reminder that anyone in this industry is in the fortunate position of driving their own ship just how they see fit. Our co-panelists were very systems-oriented with one Broker, in particular, establishing a minimum fee she charged regardless of price point. When the moderator asked each of us what our average sales price was it became abundantly clear just how unique we are. That information was the furthest from our minds. When we explained we didn’t actually choose our clients based on their spending budget or the value of their home, yet were still able to achieve the Top 1% award for the past eight years – fellow Brokers took note. It really doesn’t have to be about the money for success to be achieved.

Another example is some agents enjoy courting For Sale By Owners and soliciting Expired listings. It took less than one day of door-knocking to learn this is not our jam – and that’s okay. The idea of interrupting someone when they are home with their family and then auditioning for a role we were never offered makes us both want to vomit – literally. Making contact with a Seller of a recently expired listing feels really comfortable for some brokers – after all, that seller clearly wants to sell their home. Again, not our cup of tea but that’s okay. If we reach out to an expired listing it’s either because we legitimately have a client who seems like a good fit or we just really love the house and want to represent it.

As seasoned brokers with a proven track record of success, we are often interviewed by newly licensed Realtors hoping to glean a few tricks of the trade. With open arms (provided our schedules allow) we are more than happy to share our nuggets of wisdom but truthfully it’s very simple; find what you are comfortable with, enjoy doing and do it well. Be aware of what your gut tells you and listen to it. Don’t try and be someone you’re not.

We are in the blessed position of being in an industry that embraces authenticity. After all, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Align yourself with people you really connect with. Be willing to say, “This doesn’t feel like the right fit” and with love and kindness, point them in the right direction for finding them the right fit. Don’t get in your own way but provide the service you’re drawn to providing – even if it’s not going to benefit you directly. Advocate for one another, champion each other, and don’t just accept, but actually celebrate there is room for all of us.

As we wrap up 2019, reflecting on the 100+ clients we helped to close on their transactions, we feel a deep sense of gratitude for being surrounded by those we really enjoyed working with. With very few exceptions, our experiences were very gratifying and though many escrows were incredibly complex, we appreciate the incredible level of professionalism among our fellow Realtors and feel honored to be aligned with such an upstanding group of individuals. We know not everywhere else in the world are Real Estate Agents able to experience such a high level of professionalism.


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DeAnna Sickler & Dyan Lane

DeAnna and Dyan represent a wide variety of properties and understand the intricacies involved with selling them. They have great working relationships with their fellow Realtors and will negotiate fairly on your behalf. They consider themselves savvy negotiators and will put their experience to work for you. They will thoroughly review all offers with you and offer their advice on how to proceed. You can rest assured they will always be honest with you, providing candor and diplomacy at all times. They really enjoy what they do and love the process of getting homes sold for their clients.

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