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A long time ago, in Ashland, not far away…..

The Ashland Schools Foundation was formed. Although it was not intended to replace tax support, but to supplement government-mandated and publicly funded education it continues to help enhance the quality of public education that Ashland school patrons have received through the city’s history.

Your Involvement Matters!

I reached out to the Executive Director, Erica Thompson on what are some ways you can contribute to ASF both monetarily and with your own service. Here’s her Top Ten list:

Top 10 Things You Can do to Support Quality Education in Ashland:

1. Make a donation to the Ashland Schools Foundation (ASF).

2. Volunteer your time or skills in a classroom.

3. Share your knowledge by mentoring or tutoring a student.

4. Attend school board meetings to stay informed.

5. Serve on a PTA/PTO.

6. Volunteer to chaperone a field trip.

7. Talk to your neighbors about supporting our schools.

8. Subscribe to newsletters (like ASF’s!) to stay in the know about local education.

9. Volunteer at the 15th Annual Monster Dash Fun Run for Education.

10. Sign up to run or walk in the Annual Monster Dash on October 28th in Lithia Park.

Learn more at and

Our office enjoys participating in Monster Dash – usually you can find us handing out medals at the end of the event, or walking around dressed up like a crowned tooth! Halloween is a fun time, and Monster Dash is a fantastic event that helps provide even more to the rising generation. Here are some of the recent grants awarded to just the high school:

• Hands On Activities for Mycology and Soil Remediation

• Softer Lighting Solutions

• Spectrometers for Science Classes (dang it, I wish I had these in school!)

• 3D Body Systems Models for Anatomy & Physiology class

• Religious Diversity textbooks for World Religion Class

• New Camera for Yearbook Class

• Interior Design students design and creation of functional space in the Alternative Education space in the Lincoln building

• Studio Art Mural on the doors of the science building

For a complete list check out:

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