Let It Go

In the Disney movie Frozen, arguably the most important song is titled “Let It Go.”  December brings to a close another year.  It’s a time we regularly consider to be cold and frozen.  Before January sets in, and new goals, and resolutions are made, we need to take the time to close the year, and let things go.  Sure, there were trials and difficulties we experienced this year.  It had it’s ups and downs and back ups and maybe a few back downs.  This is life.  There will be times of desperate suffering and times of supreme compassion.  We will have good and bad, yin and yang, day and night.  However, we must remember there will always be another day.  Even when our loved ones pass away from us, there will be another day.  They want us to go on, they know that there will be another day.  We cannot fall into the trap of maintaining grudges, holding on to fears, and surrounding ourselves in with the blankets of isolation and regret.  We must let it go.

I subscribe to the idea of forgiveness and improvement.  Many people think that justice is the only way for people to be happy.  Only if and when the wrong is righted, then I will be happy, then I can be at peace.  I believe that peace is not found in the avengement of wrongs.  It is found in forgiveness and renewal.  Wonderfully, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity of time.  Humans often need time to allow the sting of the wound to abate.  It is said, time heals all wounds, and while that may help, I believe forgiveness truly and completely heals all wounds.

In my personal office, I have a print of Carl Bloch’s Sermon on the Mount hanging above my desk.  This discourse of Jesus, found in the 5th through 7th chapters of Matthew in the Bible, always brings peace to my mind and my soul.  Phrases like, “be reconciled to thy brother” “agree with thine adversary quickly” “do good to them that hate you” “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” “judge not, that ye be not judged” come to mind.  I enjoy learning, and this print seems to help me understand, from my favorite teacher, that we can forgive others and be at peace.

Dr B’s Recommendations:

1. Take some time to meditate or ponder on what things you still need to let go.  

2. Create a short list of things you can forgive or start to forgive.

3. Determine that you will let go of things that you’ve been holding on to.

4. Remind yourself that once you’ve let it go, you don’t need to hold any anger, resentment, or fear about that thing any longer.

Happy Holidays and enjoy your time with friends and loved ones, from all of us at Today’s Dentistry.

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Dr. James Burneson

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