Bigger Is Sometimes Better

By DeAnna Sickler

Over the years, we have all heard the saying “bigger is better,” and we are starting to think that whoever came up with that just might be on to something. There was a time when being at the top was our only goal, but as we grew as mothers, wives and women, we realized that there was far more richness in quality vs. quantity. This can be a tough thing to wrap your mind around, especially if you are inherently competitive. It’s amazing how once you change your focus, things fall into place as if they were always meant to be this way.

A handful of years ago, as our business and families began to grow, Dyan and I sat down together and outlined our goals for the future. As we openly discuss, we view the partnership of our business very much like a marriage, and we remain focused on running it in a way that satisfies our need for professional success as much as personal balance. Joining a big company like John L. Scott brought a balance and finesse like we could have never imagined.

The owner of the company is a very humble, down-to-earth and highly educated woman. She is simple yet sophisticated, and absolutely salt of the earth. Our managing broker is like no other we have ever encountered. He is savvy and experienced, consistently present and always willing to lend a helping hand, no matter what the hour. Between the Ashland and Medford offices, we have over 100 agents and a large majority of the top-producing brokers in the valley. It’s a wonder how either of them still finds the time to make each of us feel like we are an integral part to the success of our company. In the last few years, Dyan and I have watched our sales soar while becoming more balanced and carving out much needed time with our families. We have seen the business side of real estate become more streamlined, freeing us up to network among our colleagues, stay apprised and aware of the market inventory and activity. We have seen first hand the value of working smarter and not harder, and it’s without a doubt a large part due to the way John L. Scott as a company supports their agents as individual business owners.

It was over 80 years ago when the company John L. Scott Real Estate was created, and to this day it still bears the family name. John himself was a young, Scottish immigrant who set out on a long journey to San Diego with his bride and infant son. When he started this company in 1931, he had an unwavering commitment to customer service and that stands true today. J. Lennox Scott, John’s grandson, who originally started as a sign painter for the company at nine years old, is the Chairman and CEO. Lennox has an uncanny ability to anticipate market opportunities and is best known for the role he has played combining real estate and technology. While partnering with John L. Scott, we have grown to appreciate the value in their willingness to take risks for the benefit of their agents. We are constantly impressed with the money that is reinvested to keep us cutting edge and innovative. Consumers are hungry for information and even more so if they can get it without any strings attached. If you are curious about housing activity in your specific neighborhood, we have an app for that. If you are curious about a new listing and just want to save things into a folder to keep an eye on, we have an app for that. The mobile technology is second to none and we are thrilled to have so many incredible tools in our favor. From your smartphone, go to and you can tap into all the listings on our MLS, regardless of who has them listed. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s free. What more could you want?

As we changed our focus over the last three years and really started concentrating on having the highest caliber of clients, our sales increased. We stayed true to our original motto, which was to always choose a client based on our fit with each other, not their purchase price capability or home value. As we became brave enough to follow our gut about personalities, relationships within the industry, and how we spend our time, both professionally and personally, our lives have become more fulfilled. Over the last few months, Dyan and I have sold a record number of homes and even set a company record. We built new homes (side by side, of course), supported our children through various sporting events and school activities, and are contributing even more time to our households, so our husbands can continue to achieve their professional goals as well.

People ask us how we are able to juggle it all, and I am not even sure we have the answer. A lot of prayer, an incredible skill for multi-tasking, and a whole lot of heart. We remain committed to the success of our business, and are proud of the choices we have made that have enabled it to flourish. If you want something done, ask a busy person, right? We are confident in the level of service we provide and the perks that come from being associated with the number one office in Jackson County. Yes, our company is big but it’s equally powerful. Our sales volume is impressive but it this developed from a lot of dedication and hard work.

It’s amazing what can be achieved when you couple together two passionate people with a dash of tenacity and incredible work ethic. With just the two of us, we aren’t big in quantity but we are efficient and would love a chance to earn your business. If you are considering a move, we would appreciate an opportunity to share with you all the things John L. Scott and we have to offer. Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll be making one of the biggest decisions of your life, so you’d be wise to consider all your options. The best part of owning our own business is making it what we want; the houses really have nothing to do with it. With two of us working on your behalf, you’re sure to receive the “Highest Caliber of Service” and we look forward to meeting some day.

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