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Happy Summer! We’re in the Dog Days now, but Autumn and Open Enrollment are just around the corner. Open Enrollment:  Nov 1, 2016 to Jan 31, 2017
From Dia de los Muertos and to National Hot Chocolate Day!

Enroll by December 15 to avoid a Lapse in Coverage
Enrolling by December 15, 2016, means coverage will begin on January 1, 2017. So don’t wait until Beethoven’s Birthday, or your new policy won’t begin until February, or March.

Are You Uninsured Now?
If you did not complete your enrollment this year, or had your coverage cancelled for any reason, you must wait for Open Enrollment to sign up again, with benefits beginning in 2017. You, and your family, may be left without health coverage for the rest of 2016- but you may still have some options. Let’s talk!

Medicare Open Enrollment: October 15 to December 7, 2016
From Global Handwashing Day to Pearl Harbor Day!

Is your current Medicare plan working for you?
Do you wonder if you made the right choice when you first signed up? Each year at this time, a special opportunity exists to make changes to your coverage.
If you joined a Medicare Advantage Plan, or Medicare drug plan, and you aren’t happy with the plan, this is the time to make a change.

Need help? Schedule a free Medicare Tune Up, to evaluate your current policy and explore possible improvements!

And… We’re Moving to Ashland Insurance!
New location, new resources to help you- same knowledge, experience and dedication to helping Ashlanders!

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See you around town! – Sue Carney

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