Charity of the Year

As many of you know, last year Today’s Dentistry participated in a Charity of the Month.  Each month we provided a donation to a randomly-drawn organization in the community.  Over the course of twelve months, we were privileged to contribute to a variety of worthy causes that are actively striving to improve the world around them.

One of our hygienists, Lisa, has worked with an orphanage in India over the years.  As we contemplated what to do in 2017, we decided to focus our efforts on one cause for a year.  Lisa agreed to help us coordinate monthly contributions to this orphanage in India.  Another reason we decided on this focused assistance is that Lisa will be leaving our office to return to India full-time to work at the orphanage.

Please enjoy some of these photographs that have been sent to us, providing an update on what has been going on in that part of the world :^)




Some Indian buses ready to carry people here and there.



The orphanage was able to host a medical and dental clinic to educate and to help those in need.






A boy with a mal-formed wrist was able to receive needed surgery to correct his wrist :^)



Lisa and the orphans with the other adults who work at the orphanage.  Lisa is seated in the front center with the grey shirt.






One of the skills taught at the orphanage is gardening.  Give someone a carrot and they eat for a day.  Teach them to grow and they eat for life :^)
We hope you’ve enjoyed these photos of the Indian orphanage.  As we receive more throughout the year, we’ll share them.  And thank you!  It is your support of our business that helps us to share with others :^)

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