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DeAnna and Dyan – Real Estate Hour – Homeschooling, Home Sales, ReOpening Oregon

A fun early Tuesday morning interview with DeAnna Sickler and Dyan Lane. Hosted by Shields Bialasik of LocalsGuide. Oregon is in phase one of reopening and real estate is holding steady in Southern Oregon. Kids are looking forward to getting back to school with parents having a newfound appreciation and understanding for the complexity of raising children in challenging times. We cover several topics including dispelling myths that the market in Southern In Southern Oregon has been slow. It has been anything but slow. DeAnna talks actual sales stats and explains why looking at Zillow estimates do not do justice for actual local sales.

DeAnna and Dyan also share highlights of winning a listing they were very excited about. DeAnna shared how the vision of the homeowner was to position their property as an exclusive horse property. DeAnna spoke up against this marketing position stating that it would be too narrow a niche to fill. In turn, she made a counter proposal and they won the listing. We had some good laughs, talking about children who are doing homework quickly to have time to get outside and play with friends. Overall an informative and fun conversation for anyone interested in Real Estate here in Southern Oregon.

Questions Posed:

1. What are you enjoying both personally and professionally regarding the new normal surrounding COVID-19?

2.  As I am sure you are aware this past weekend Southern Oregon was released for phase 1 reopening. Did you see that impact the market over the last few days?

3. Are you seeing any trends related to the types of properties being viewed right now and in the highest demand?

4. What were your three highs and three lows of the last 7 days?

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