Dental Oddities

We humans love seeing weird stuff.  This is one of the reasons social media is such a successful phenomenon.  The ability to share a crazy video with friends that then goes viral and is viewed by 5,000,000 people over the next couple of days is truly astounding.  Some of what we look at is fun or cute, like animals doing wacky things.  I saw a video of a man who had trained his cat to do a high five to fist bump with him whenever he would walk by.  Other things are popular because they play on our interest in watching others get banged up.  The proverbial back flip that misses landing on the trampoline, kids running headlong into one another, or the ever popular “endo” on a bicycle.

So I started to wonder, how would people enjoy seeing weird dental stuff?  Here

goes. . .

We all have our favorite sports team, animal, or logo . . . why not put it on your next crown?  Manufacturing technology has reached a point where we can put these “favorites” on crowns.  Personally, I haven’t seen any of these yet.  Maybe someone out there will volunteer . . .

Canines or “eye teeth” are an area where beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.  Some folks ask for their canines to be flattened out because they seem too pointy.  Others want their canines to appear more prominent.  Then, there are those who truly seek the vampire look. 

Dental implants have become a very popular treatment option for replacing missing teeth. Many people benefit greatly from dental implants, enjoying restored esthetics and function. Just make sure your dental implantologist has the proper training and credentials ;^)

Root canal treatment has an almost universal bad name.  In fact, I think “root canal” is the only thing that garners more negative responses than “the dentist”.  At any rate, the following image illustrates why, perhaps, root canals have such a bad name . . .

Root canals, properly done, work very well and are an excellent way of saving natural teeth and keeping them functioning for many years to come.

Now, some of you may be wondering what dentists dream about at night – mouth rinse that actually tastes good?  A dental drill that makes no noise?  Better floss?  Well, I think the mouth shown in the next photo would be a dream to work in.  At almost 7 inches across, this man claims the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest mouth.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these dental oddities.  Please let me know if you’d like us to share more.  And have a great day.  Life is almost always better when you smile :^)

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