Discover the Natural World: Toys to Encourage Creativity and Learning

Happy Holidays! The holidays are a fun time here at the Northwest Nature Shop. The location of our shop being in a historic Ashland home, is quite fitting for our philosophy and our business style which has always been to treat our customers like family.  Through the years we have watched families grow and change just as ours has and it makes us appreciate this wonderful community we live in.  The kids who used to come in and spend hours picking out rocks, playing with yo-yos, making giant bubbles in the driveway now come in with their own kids.  When you walk into the Northwest Nature Shop you’ll often see our own kids playing alongside us as we work.  We put a lot of thought into the toys we give our children. We want toys to encourage creativity and learning and that are made in a sustainable manner and last through the years. Toys that encourage open-ended, creative and fantasy play add a sense of warmth and peace to our home. Toys can either create a sense of love and harmony in your home or the contrary, of anger and teasing.

As parents, grandparents and loved ones of children we have the choice of what toys to put in the hands of our children. Children learn from their play and it becomes a part of who they are. I sit and watch my children play for hours with puppets, animal replicas, music, art supplies and games, books and puzzles.  We invite you to come into the shop for a selection of toys, games and gifts that are sure to delight this holiday season.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Folkmanis Puppets. Encourage dramatic, imaginative play with these adorable realistic forest animal puppets.  A fawn, black bear, raccoon, and owl all come to life with a child’s imagination.  $19.95-$49.95
Origami Kits.  Introduce Origami to your creative child, and watch a new world of possibilities unfold.  An easy to follow instruction books leads the way as your kids create their masterpieces.  $15.95
Eitech creative metal building sets. 100% quality steel building sets. Made in Germany.  Use your imagination and creativity to learn the basics of metal building.  $9.95-54.95
Wooden Catapult and Castle. Made in Oregon.  Build a castle wall out of blocks, and then knock it down.  $34.95
Elenco Snap Circuits.  Award winning kits for building motion detectors, radios, doorbells, alarms, a light show and remote control cars. Kids have fun learning about electronics as they build.  $34.95-$89.95
Spot It.  There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any 2 cards in the game. Spot it and you win! With fast action and endless fun, this unique card game is sure to become a family favorite! Ages 5+ $12.95
Spirograph.  Art merges with math in a fun, creative way. Updated wheels and wing, rack, putty and pens come in a travel-friendly tin with a snap-in storage tray. For ages 8-12yrs.  $16.95

Thank you for keeping Ashland vibrant and unique by supporting our wonderful locally- owned independent businesses!

The Northwest Nature Shop is located at 154 Oak St. in Ashland.  See you soon!

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