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How to Refresh, Refine and Redesign in One Afternoon from Elle at L Turner Interiors.

1. Pick a room that doesn’t work well for you. Stand in the most used doorway and look around. How does it feel? Awkward, cramped, tired, or uncomfortable are common responses. Verbalize your goal: cozy, calming, happy, etc.

2. Now it’s time to remove the small furniture and accessories, even artwork.

3. Chairs, sofa, coffee table–these are the anchors of the room and should be placed first around or toward a focal point–fireplace, window, TV, or all of the above. Get those sliders that are sold at hardware stores and start moving things around. Try groupings away from the walls (almost always helpful), closer together to form conversation areas, better flow to walk in and through the room, etc. Consider getting slipcovers, new pillows and a throw to freshen up even more.

4. Next, the other large pieces: bookshelves, chests, etc. They are secondary in importance and should find space (or NOT) after you decide on the best seating.

5. Now the smaller items. Each time you add something, go back to the doorway–are you adding positive qualities or just more stuff? Can something better be stolen from another room? SIMPLIFY. Try to do more with less.

6. Think about adding a right-sized rug, at a minimum, big enough to include the front legs of all seating. If one large decorative rug is too expensive, buy the next size down and add a jute or natural fiber rug (MUCH cheaper) in the larger size. Big impact, smaller cost, and stack them! The best rug style is transitional.

7. For tasks, reading or just a warm glow, having lamps can really make an impact. Change a shade for an instant update. Don’t forget you can steal from other rooms.

8. For dining rooms, unless you have dinner parties for eight at least once a month, remove the leaves from your dining table (maybe leave one?). Six chairs around the table are ok, four maybe even better. Extra chairs can go against the wall, or in another room.

9. For dining chairs, at least 30 inches from table to wall behind is comfy. If you can’t accomplish that, can the table be moved against a wall and have chairs on three sides for everyday? No one wants to even walk through a room that feels “too crunchy.”

10. Hang the art last (please not too high)…and enjoy.

Reach out to Elle to discuss your specific design challenges. She’d love to help.

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