Think Ahead When Planning a Remodel/Interior Design Project

If you own your home, chances are, you will want or need to sell in the next five to ten years. That means any interior design project or remodel should be done with at least an awareness of what future homebuyers will want.

Today’s hot styles are often passing fads. The best way to include today’s latest is in small doses. Buy trendy small accessories to blend into your overall design instead of expensive more permanent elements.

For paint, the latest seems to be richer, darker colors. Buyers want classic and neutral. Paint is not that expensive to redo, so enjoy. Floors, windows, bathroom tiling, countertops and even backsplashes are expensive to install or replace. For these, choices that are too personal can impact resale price. Give timeless styles a chance.

Moving forward, the trend for kitchens and bathrooms is a real stone look. Whether it’s stone or marble (high maintenance), quartz or porcelain tile, the subtle veining or movement within the material will survive any number of fads to come. If you love the look of the high-contrast dramatic material, just keep in mind – your ”love the drama” reaction, might be a buyer’s “Whoa! Too in my face.”

Textured, wavy 3-D tiles. They have been hot over the past eight years or so, but are starting to fade.

Likewise, showy, smaller tiles for floors and backsplashes that include stone, glass and/or metal: beautiful but trendy. Simpler, larger format tiles and slabs will better stand the test of time. 12 x 24 inch or even larger seems to be the most forward-looking tile size.

Shiplap has had its time, but wood on the walls isn’t going away. Board and batten, picture frame molding and crown molding are just a few examples. What do they have in common? Timeless appeal. Adding wood? Consider installing two-thirds of the way up the walls, not just halfway.

Black windows. Unless they are metal and intended to be black, the trend of painting wood or even vinyl windows black is a fad that will not last.

Glossy, yellow (golden oak) or gray floors are yesterday’s news. Whether they are hardwood, LVP, or any newer scratch-resistant material, the trend moving forward is a satin, mid-tone warm wood look. Often loved for their formality, very dark floors show every iota of dust. Very light floors work in some design styles, but they need to blend with a lighter furniture style (think Scandinavian) in the rest of the room.

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