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Editors-Note-5If you haven’t heard by now, it’s important to know that Ashland was recently named Digital Capital of Oregon by Google Inc.  Google conducts an independent survey each year to determine which towns and cities are the strongest online business communities in each state, and in the state of Oregon, we are leading the pack.

I want to say congratulations to everyone in our community who has helped put us on the map to make this possible.  Thanks for making it possible to live in a great place, while still having all the benefits of, well, you know…

Anyhow, We love Ashland

So, yesterday when I was on a walk downtown with photographer Graham Lewis, I found it only fitting for the theme of this issue when we ran across this sticker posted on the downtown crosswalk sign.

So, I had him take my picture with it.


I actually don’t plan themes for issues but as you know life sometimes has its own plans… and I watch for that.

As you can imagine, conducting eight interviews per month can be quite a bit of work.  But what I find continually poignant in every interview I do (about 200 now), is how willing, friendly and available people are to share and tell their stories.  From long-timers to the newcomers, everyone steps forward in positivity.  In this issue specifically, the theme of following dreams, turning dreams into reality, and simply making choices to live a great life abound.

At the same time, I find the material very grounded.  Each individual is demonstrating a mastery of craft in something they love to do.  Whether creating a new website, breathing life into an old hotel, doing chiropractic adjustments on animals, opening a fitness center, helping families bring babies into the world; it’s all here inside the LocalsGuide, exactly how I imagined it… a real LocalsGuide.

People You Know, Places You Go, Things You Do!

(For those of use who actually live here)

So in talking about things that we love, we had a good chuckle at the recent Ashland Chamber of Commerce Friday Greeter’s meeting when we learned that Dan Shulters, owner of Dan’s Shoe Repair was out of town.

He had sent his work assistant Dave to the Chamber meeting.  Now, because Dan has been trying to get the message across to everyone and their mother that Dan’s is not, in fact just a shore repair store but an actual shoe store, Dave decided to play a little friendly joke on Dan.

“When Dan comes back next week and gives his little 30 second speech about his business, and after he says Dan’s Shoe Repair, I want everyone                    in here to say in unison:  “It’s a Shoe Store”.”

Well, of course Dan came back and to his surprise 50 people screamed on cue, “It’s A Shoe Store.”  Needless to say, he was a bit taken aback.


Anyhow, Graham snapped this photo of Dan holding up his new banner below.  So don’t forget:  “It’s a Shoe Store!”

Have a Great Month! 

Shields Bialasik
Editor of this Cool Paper

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